Great Ocean Road Escape – A trip with the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

When we were asked if we wanted to test drive the all-new Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, we had no hesitation in saying ‘Yes!’ and the Great Ocean Road was the first destination which came to mind. Can you believe that in the 20 years in which I’ve lived in Melbourne, I’ve never been down that way! Needless to say, I was very excited about our trip! Work has kept us way too busy lately and it’s time we took a little vacation.


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A Great Ocean Road family trip

We were heading down to Warrnambool to photograph the Warrnambool Cup (more coming soon), so we decided to take most of the week off and enjoy a little family escape. The Pajero Sport is huge. The boot room is the largest I’ve seen in any car and we enjoyed being able to throw our weeks worth of stuff, including loads of camera gear, in with room to spare. When photographers go on a holiday, lots of space is required! Apparently the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport will soon be released as a 7 seater!

We booked a quaint little bed and breakfast just outside of Warrnambool for a couple of nights. A bed and breakfast is always our first preference when holidaying in the countryside. It’s just always more pleasant luckily for us, this one happened to be so close to some spectacular scenery along the Great Ocean Road! The nearest lookout point along the scenic road was only 10 minutes away and boy, were we blown away by the view!

It was then an inland drive in the dark to Lorne for a couple of nights, after an exhausting day of taking in scenery. We saw what remained of the Twelve Apostles and visited a place which was on my priority list – The Gibson Steps. This is where you could walk down onto the beach and get close to a couple of the Apostles. On that occasion, the sunset decided to be magical – keeping us down there a lot longer that we planned.

The wildlife is amazing along the Great Ocean Road. A fox came close in the middle of the day, but not as close as the cute koala we found on the ground or the seventeen cockatoos which visited us at our cottage (Great Ocean Road Cottages in Lorne) at breakfast!  Pelicans also crossed our sight-seeing path.

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The Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

The car is a four-wheel drive, something we would have loved to have tested out on some rough terrain along the way – unfortunately ran out of time and energy! (We need to plan an Alice Springs trip one day …)

There’s just so many stunning places to visit along the Great Ocean Road! It’s a large family car with all the mod-cons, which make driving a lot more enjoyable. We travelled a thousand kilometres during our five day trip and we could have stayed longer and seen a lot more. Guess we’ll have to get back down there!

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A car for the whole family

On such a long drive, it was pretty cool to have music on demand via the Carplay functionality (Our iPhones where quickly connected and we were amazed by the voice control of the whole system – Hello Siri!). When the drive got a little dull, the little guy was kept entertained with the built-in dvd player and the wireless headphones. The heated seats were a touch of luxury which we thoroughly enjoyed when the days were a little chilly.  Personally, I enjoyed feeling so high up as I was able to see more than usual. The downside of being in such a high car is when I had to hop into the car – being the shorty which I am! Not that it was a big deal, it was that I could never make a graceful entry or exit!

Hubby especially liked the 8 speed automatic which made driving a lot smoother. He also like the car cameras which showed what was behind for easy reversing. The Multi Around Monitor gives you a birds eye view of the car. Not quite sure how this was achieved but it was handy! Technology can be mind boggling. Oh, and there are sensors on the side mirrors which let us know that there’s a car in our blind spot! Every car should have this function! There are plenty more safety features

This is a large family car. You really notice how big it is when it’s in a carpark. It got a little tight as the road became narrow while driving along the winding Great Ocean Road but you quickly get used to it. The Mitsubishi Pajero Sport felt safe throughout our whole drive, taking the corners neatly and accelerating with enough power (2.4L MIVEC Turbo Diesel Engine) when we needed to overtake the cruising tourists along the way. Lots of fun to drive.

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Pack up the family and hit the road to explore.

The Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is no doubt a luxurious car which makes a long drive so much more pleasant. It was perfect to navigate along the winding Great Ocean Road in, taking us to all those beautiful places which makes this destination a tourist magnet.

It’s a 4WD which makes you want to pack up the family and hit the road to explore. There’s so much to see and do and some of the best places are a small drive away. Isn’t it time you took your family on an adventure? 

To explore the all-new Pajero Sport head to the Mitsubishi website.