Travel & Lifestyle film – Great Ocean Road

Have you seen our stunning photography from our last trip to the Great Ocean Road in the new Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. If not have a look here: Great Ocean Road trip. We not only did photography on our recent trip – we also tried to capture some scenes on video.

After playing with video a bit in a few blog posts in the past (example: Island Vibes  and A silky Melbourne Summer) we decided to take video to the next step and take a bit more serious.

Melbourne Films & Video

We get a lot of requests on our wedding and event photography website ( to also include a video in our packages.  So far we were not able to do this as we did not have the right equipment. We recently purchased some amazing video cameras (Sony A7S II) and dedicated lenses to be able to create wedding films and movies.  You can see our first little wedding film here: A Melbourne Love Story.

A moving image is a bit different than a still photograph. Telling a story with a little film gives you so much more possibilities but also requires a lot more work and thought. Both fields are challenging and not easy to master. But it’s lots of fun.

Lifestyle film – Our Top 11 for the Great Ocean Road

Our Great Ocean Roads trip brought us to wonderful places such as Warrnambool, Cape Otway Lighthouse, Otway Fly, Apollo Bay & Lorne. It was great fun to visit all these places and film our little adventure.

Here is a list of our personal Top 11. You all see these things in our film.

  1. Cockatoos visiting our balcony of the Great Ocean Road Cottages in Lorne. A special adventure for little one.
  2. Zooming around on one of the most amazing roads in the world in our Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.
  3. Koala spotting along the road (best spot is on the way to the Cape Otway Lighthouse). We were lucky and found a Koala wandering around on the ground and climbing a tree.
  4. Sunset at Gibson steps. We avoided the crowds on the main lookout and went down to the Gibson steps to enjoy the sunset and magical light for photography and videography.
  5. Sunset on the Cape Otway Lighthouse. Just magical.
  6. Otway Fly treetop walk – enjoy the view above the trees
  7. Coffe and Cookies in Apollo Bay
  8. A beach walk near Peterborough
  9. The breakwater in Warrnambool … a perfect spot for great photos and a wonderful walk along the breakwater. We were a bit late after sunset as we photographed the Warrnambool cup. But it is one fantastic location.
  10. Climbing trees on the Cape Otway
  11. Teddy’s lookout in Lorne – get a bird’s eye view of the Great Ocean Road

Enjoy our little film and we are sure you will want to visit the Great Ocean Road … 🙂