Great Ocean Road Accomodation Lorne

Great Ocean Road Cottages

I’m going to start telling you all about our amazing little holiday from the place we ended it with. It was the quaintest little accomodation which was made so magical by our morning visitors, my favourite birds – the cockatoos. There were up to seventeen of these gorgeous creatures perched on our balcony at breakfast time, waiting for us to throw them some tasty morsels. Even though we disappointed them by not feeding them (it’s recommended that you don’t feed them so that they remain independent) they hung around long enough for us to get our bird fix and hundreds of photos! These birds aren’t shy and will let you get quite close. I wouldn’t suggest trying to pat them as one went for hubby’s camera as he got a little too close!

Accomodation in Lorne – Great Ocean Road Cottages

Nestled up a little hill and surrounded by eucalyptus trees, these little cottages will have you winding down in no time. There’s enough room for mum, dad and up to three kids. The upstairs loft is great for the kids. They’ll want to climb up and down those steep steps, but it’ll help to tire them out! The kitchen is fully stocked with all your cooking needs for those wanting to stay in but there’s also restaurants and cafes close by for those who would rather not cook. The supermarket is just at the base of the hill where the cottages are situated. The beach is also a stroll away and makes this holiday spot a fabulous place for the family.

I haven’t been to Lorne in over a decade but it’s a great place to stay if you want to explore the area. We had travelled inland from the twelve apostles to get there, with the intention of travelling down the Great Ocean Road to visit Apollo Bay, the Treetop Walk and Cape Otway. We also had great intentions of taking the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport for some four-wheel driving fun on some closeby 4WD tracks but ran out of time and energy. For those who just want to chill, Lorne is also a relaxing location for those who just want to take time out from a busy city lifestyle.

We didn’t spend too much time in Lorne itself as we had places to visit. It’s a lovely little coastal town with a cute pier where you can buy seafood from. Lorne is a very popular destination during summer so make sure you book in advance. We’re definitely heading back down there again.

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