Luxury Cars: Rolls Royce – The Phantom

Luxury cars – Bespoke is Rolls Royce

Ethan loves cars! Which 9 year old doesn’t. Of course he has an exclusive taste. He loves luxury cars! He is impressed by all the functionality of our family SUV but when looking at cars he has the tendency to go for the most expensive. May it be the Lamborghini Huracán, the Audi e-tron or the BMW i8 (his personal favourite) – all his favourite cars are on the exclusive side.

Owning one of these cars is definitely no our goal in life. But there is always the way of experiencing a bit of luxury – for free!

A visit to the dealership gets you up close with these impressive cars and no one will stop a little boy having a look at some luxury cars.

Perfection of everything you do! Experience a little bit of luxury.

He was most impressed with the bespoke interior of the car and of course the double opening doors. Our family SUV just can’t compete and doesn’t want to.  But a bit of luxury wouldn’t be so special when you would have it every day.

Can’t wait to see his first car when he turns 18. Let’s just hope it is safe.

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