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July is coming to an end and I can’t help but wonder where the year has gone? Fabulous Femme has been put on the side-lines for the last few months because I have been preoccupied with the development of my new website, Souriphotography. This is where my passion for fashion and beauty photography is on display for all to see. Fashion and beauty photography is something which I’d love to do a lot more of, so I’ve had to turn my back on my wonderful blog while I set it all up – just for a little while.

There hasn’t been a lot of time to create new content to share with you, but my other half assures me that there’s a back-log of posts waiting to be posted! All I need to do is to put some words to them! This is one of those posts.

Travel Photos

Some of winter is usually spent over in Europe, visiting my in-laws and galavanting over to neighbouring countries. Due to only arriving back in January, from a Christmas spent in Europe, we haven’t felt the need (or the energy) to run off to faraway places this winter. When social media fills up with photos of others enjoying the sunshine in various parts of Europe, I can’t help but feel slightly tinged with jealousy. I’m sure others would have felt the same way when I was the one posting the photos of my wonderful holidays, visiting wonderful sights.

On one of those wonderful holidays, we visited Brussels in Belgium. It was a brief visit while on our way to see friends who were living in Belgium. It’s a beautiful country, like most in Europe, with impressive architecture. One of those impressive pieces of architecture is a sculpture called The Atomium. This giant monument, consisting of stainless steel spheres, depict an iron unit cell. The Atomium has been named as the most bizarre building in Europe, but I think it’s a super interesting work of architecture. So, as we do with all things we find interesting on our travels, we photographed it to share with you. Enjoy!

atomium in europe - brussels - creative photo

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