12 Apostles Sunset

The Twelve Apostles

Our Great Escape – Part 2

Did you know that there were only ever nine of these wondrous limestone rock formations? Today there are only eight remaining after the collapse of one in 2005. These closely spread pillars of rocks are a huge tourist attraction and after approximately twenty years of living here, I finally made the trek down to see them. Boy, what an amazing spectacle they are!

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12 Apostles – Australia’s 3rd most visited location

After the Sydney Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef the 12 Apostles are the 3rd most visited tourist spot in Australia. You’ll find the Twelve Apostles along the Great Ocean Road, just off the Port Campbell National Park shoreline. These towering limestone stacks are a sight to behold. As the sun goes down, it illuminates the rocks and turns them warm in colour You just can’t help but take hundreds of photos of them, knowing that one would be sufficient! Selfie sticks are a great idea for this location if you want to get a good amount of Apostles in your shot!

On this particularly warm Autumn day, we arrived at the Twelve Apostles along with hordes of tourists. Hubby informs me that the last time he was there a few years back, there was no-one! Oh well, we’re good at making it look like we have any place to ourselves even though we’re fighting for space! Our little one got away with jumping the line to have his photo with the Twelve Apostle sign and we were able to snap it quickly. This was a Friday afternoon so I could imagine it gets really packed on the weekend!

12 Apostles makeover

It was recently announced that the viewing areas at the 12 Apostles and the Loch Ard Blowhole get a major makeover … some fancy viewing platforms. I hope they don’t overdevelop. The nature is nice as it is but some nearby towns could do with a makeover.

When to visit the 12 Apostles?

It really doesn’t matter which season you go. Sun or rain. Ideally, you want to go down there on a quiet week day. Sunrise would be the best time if you want peace and quiet. Still, there would be a few photographers out there with you at that time of day. If you find yourself surrounded by tourists and with helicopters flying every minute you will not be able to hear the waves anymore. Be equipped with a great pair of headphones and some awesome music which will enhance your viewing enjoyment of the Twelve Apostles.

We managed to capture these Victorian wonders as if we were the only people there. Enjoy our pics of them but they definitely look more majestic in real life. Take a trip down the Great Ocean Road and be blown away by the scenery.

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