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European architecture is mind-blowing. The statues, buildings and homes are incomparable. Even the pavement is something which draws interest to the person who strolls along it. Then there are the castles. They are everywhere in Europe and most of them are breathtakingly beautiful. You see, I am a collector of castles. With every trip to Europe, I head off to capture a castle or two to add to my collection. Because of this, you get to enjoy some of these architectural wonders right here on the blog.

The castle!

It’s the castle of all castles. There’s no other grander than Versailles Palace. This is where Marie Antoinette resided until the day she had her head taken off by a guillotine! Can you imagine roaming around those echoing hallways and more-than-you’ll-ever-need rooms? This place has everything in excess. It’s luxury beyond your wildest dreams. Would you have liked to have lived in there? Sure, but not in the era where you were one of many women sharing your husband, and keeping your head on your shoulders was a challenge!

If you are into castles, or even if you aren’t, Versailles just has to be seen. No corner of this architectural wonder is left boring. Make sure you have the whole day to explore it as the garden goes on forever!

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