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Über Tidy – Why we love our little Dyson V6

Keeping our space neat

Like most parents will find, it can become quite a mission to keep a home clean and tidy when there are little tornados ripping through the house constantly! As soon as you finished cleaning and tidying one side, the tornado appears and scatters things around the other side! Sometimes it’s just easier to give up on trying to achieve a home which looks like a child-free environment when it constantly looks like a daycare centre.

A hand held vacuum makes it easy to return the house back to a state of cleanliness! We chose the Dyson V6 – just grab it from the wall mount and suck all the mess away with ease. My über tidy hubby can’t live without a hand-held vacuum cleaner nearby. 

The thought of pulling out the conventional vacuum cleaner is tiring, that’s why it’s not done on a daily basis! It’s too much of an effort for one pile of dirt, that’s why most of us would just either reach for the dustpan (which doesn’t pick up everything and may just disperse the mess around the room) or just leave it there for the next vacuuming day, whenever that may be!

living with kids - luxury home  essentials - a handheld vacuum

Cordless vacuum vs. little monsters

Why not reach for a nifty little sucking device like the hand-held vac. It’s cordless and light and the mess is gone as quick as it took the little monsters to create it! This leaves you with more time and energy to play with the little messy buggers and have some energy spare for yourself when they are tucked away and soundly asleep in bed.

Our living room has this super shaggy rug which is also super comfy. The little one just loves to sprawl out over it with his toys, especially with lego. These things somehow disappear into the depths of this shaggy rug, never to be found again! When the vacuum cleaner sucks at this rug, the little ‘clinks’ in the vacuum cleaners pipe means death of a lego piece as we do not ever fancy rummaging through the dust inside to retrieve it! The great thing with the V6 Absolute is that you see every little thing which it sucks up and it’s easy to reach in and grab it back! (still a bit messy – but your able to rescue the valuable Lego).

The long pipe helps with reaching cobwebs from high places and you don’t have to get low to the floor anymore! There’s different head attachments for different floor surfaces to achieve the most effective clean. If the battery life was longer, I’d clean the whole house with this thing!

More info about the Dyson V6 here.

a clean luxury home - keep it neat with a dyson v6

Dyson V6 – Pro and Cons

  • very powerful – it nearly matches our corded vacuum and the motorised attachments give it the extra bit of power to clean the hard floors of every bit of dust
  • easy emptying of the Dyson V6 (just with one button)
  • wall mount charging dock keeps it neatly in the spot and ready to use
  • Air Filter
  • replaceable battery
  • exceptional built quality and design
  • light – 2.2 kg (one hand usage is possible)
  • very easy and flexible to use – even my little one loves to pick it up and clean his own mess
  • and don’t forget the Lego rescue function
  • Battery life could be better – around 20 minutes depending on usage (with motorised head 15min & in booster mode only 6 min) It’s just not enough to clean the house – maybe enough for a small apartment and perfect for the little clean ups in-between.
  • You will still need to use your wet mop every now and then on your hard floors. The motorized head does a pretty good job but can’t replace a mop.
  • expensive (Make sure you need all the included attachments as there are different models which are a bit cheaper – starting at RRP AU$499. )

review of the new dyson v6
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