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The Rain Room Melbourne from the Jackalope Art Collection

A visit to the Rain Room in Melbourne?  You would think that an invitation to go and see rain in the middle of this wet Melbourne winter would be a turn-off.  Nope, we were intrigued and had to go to check it out. Wanting to add a little more culture into our lives, we’re always keen on going to see interesting new works of art or exhibitions.

Having read some reviews and seeing some photos online of what the Rain Room was about, we eagerly accepted the invitation to see this new contemporary art installation. It’s made by London-based “Random International” which was created by the german founders by Hannes Koch and Florian Ortkrass. After the huge success of the Rain Room in New York, Los Angeles, London and Shanghai – we finally can see it in Melbourne.

This monumental work of art has been brought down to Australia by ACMI  and the luxurious hotel Jackalope.

Controlled Weather ( … in Melbourne!)

Have you ever wanted to control the weather? It’s hard enough to predict the weather in Melbourne. Well, I know exactly where you can go to do just that (at least a bit)! The Rain Room is an art installation which is going to have you in awe!

Envisage a room where 100 square metres of rain is continuously pouring down from above until you step inside the rain area and the rain around you magically stops. Imagine walking through rain without an umbrella and not getting wet! It’s quite an amazing experience which you just have to see for yourselves.

This is the only time where I enjoyed walking through rain without an umbrella! It was quite an exhilarating experience which left us with huge smiles on our faces. It was lots of fun playing with the art installation. Not getting wet while being in the middle of the rain.

An Immersive Art Experience

The Rain Room is an immersive art installation which will stimulate all of your senses. You’ll find it at the purpose-built Jackalope Pavillion in Saint Kilda. It will be open to the public from August 9th until the end of September. We hope there will be an extension as it sells out fast.

This contemporary work of art has enthralled over half a million visitors worldwide and will certainly be a popular destination for lovers of art, and all those who are just curious, here in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Rain Room seeks to explore how human relationships with each other and nature are increasingly mediated through technology. This significant art installation will remain part of the Jackalope art collection, and will be part of a new Jackalope hotel opening next year in the Melbourne CBD.

What To Expect in the Rain Room Melbourne?

You will be allowed 20 minutes (in a group of up to 18 people) to enjoy feeling like you have special abilities by staying dry while you move freely through the rain. It is highly suggested that you move around in the rain slowly.  There are sensors overhead which detect that you are below and stop the rain from falling on you wherever you are in the rain area.

Make sure you take a camera or a phone with a good camera as you’re going to want some photos. No flash or lighting is needed as the bright spotlight in the room is all that’s needed to give you a great silhouetted photo as a reminder of your experience. Or just experience this art installation without any distraction. Expect to get wet a little bit when you move a bit too fast or try to”outsmart” the installation.

Buy tickets for the Rain Room. Tickets cost $31.10 for adults and $18.90 for children. Rain Room starts on Friday 9th August to 30th September 2019 at Jackalope Pavillion (corner Acland and Jackson Streets, St Kilda).


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