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30 Day Fitness Challenge

Get into fitness mode

There’s nothing like a dress that won’t zip up to spur me into fitness mode. That gorgeous Karen Millen dress will be zipping up by the time my challenge is over! In all fairness, I did purchase the dress a little (which was a little tight) just after I had finished with a flu. It did zip up the day I bought it but when I went to wear it a week later, it refused to.

This year I have been so bad with my fitness. It was nearly non-existent! This year I feel quite sick with the flu, which I’m sure was because I was so unfit. Watching other people running didn’t inspire me to get started at all! The reason is that I was just lazy and hated the thought of being in pain for the first few weeks of resuming my running. Losing weight is not as important for me as the physical and mental stimulation that comes with exercising. Exercise is good for the mind as well as the body.

The main excuses – no time & the kids

My main excuse was that I didn’t have time. With my work load and kids to entertain, I wasn’t left with many hours to spare in the day for exercise. If I did have some time to my self, I was just too tired. Sounding familiar? It was time to drop all excuses and just do it! 

The 30 day fitness challenge is something I occasionally put myself through. It works for me because I love a good challenge and I don’t like quitting! Thirty days straight of running and walking (for approx 45mins / 7km). 

Twenty one days into my thirty day challenge and I’m feeling great! The body is a little sore and stiff but it’s coping. Nothing a good bath or massage won’t fix.

How I did it. You can do it too!

Get up an hour earlier! Yes, instead of putting that alarm clock on snooze, just get up when it goes off. Lucky for me, I have an internal alarm clock. I will wake up most days any time between 6am and 7am. Instead of lying around in bed until the kids get up, I hop out of bed and am straight into my workout gear. Mornings are the best time to exercise. It’s quiet and cool and doing it in the morning gets it out of the way. Just do it! I’m free to do as I please for the rest of they day.

By the way … my favourite pair of running shoes are the ASICS Women’s GEL-Nimbus 15. It;s always personal preference but it is well cushioned and for me the perfect shoe (In the pictures you see the Nimbus 13 – I don’t recommend the Nimbus 14 (they are too hard) but the Nimbus 15 is just right again …

running shoes

water is important for exercise

What to wear – my fitness outfit!

Wear appropriate clothing. If you are not comfortable (too hot or too cold) you’ll end up making excuses as to why you don’t bother getting out there. The right shoes are extremely important. Asics are my preferred brand for running shoes. Find shoes that are comfortable as soon as you try them on. The most ridiculous thing I was told was that the running shoes I was trying on would soften with wear! Running shoes should be comfy from the beginning! Currently I’m wearing the Asics Gel Nimbus range. For workout wear, I love Nike. Their running skirts are fabulous!

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The workout! Go easy …

Go easy to begin with. If you’re anything like me, I’m going to always keep it easy! The first few days was spent walking down to my local athletics track where I would alternate walking and running each lap. My running was not much faster than my walking pace! The track is gentle on the joints and it’s flat. There are also other people of all ages working out there. Some are slower, some are faster – it’s motivating to be in the company of others trying to keep fit.

Unfortunately the track got ripped up and is being resurfaced. This forced me back to my old running track around Ruffey Lake Park. There are hills there which I walk up. Run down hills, walk up hills. As long as I don’t overly exert myself, I’ll enjoy continuing with this challenge.

starting grid - running on a melbourne athletics track

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excercise keeps you fit


Drink water while exercising!

Don’t forget to carry a water bottle while exercising. I prefer my Brita Fill & Go bottle – of course BPA free. Our Melbourne water tastes not bad but the filtered water the bottle produces is just a bit better. You keep your fluid levels easily up when you bring a water bottle to your workout.

Remember to dink constantly a little bit.

drink filtered water

britta water bottle - filtered

Stretch while cooling down

Stretch well when you finish! The cooling down period can last up to an hour. Within this time frame, stretch and walk around. Avoid sitting for long periods after your workout to avoid tight and sore muscles. Stretching is also great for injury prevention. Read the following  blog posts for a few stretches:

And taking a hot bath and getting a massage helps with muscle aches and tightness.


sunset running

running girl

Eat, drink & sleep well

Eat, drink and sleep well. Tiredness is what’s going to stop you from heading out to exercise again. Some mornings it’s a struggle to get out of bed. A glass of water is all that I’ll have before stepping out. Sometimes I feel as if I’m sleep walking for the first few minutes! By the time my workout is finished, I’m energised. Occasionally I’ve fallen back to bed.

My alcohol intake and consumption of junk food is kept to a minimal. Alcohol and exercise are not the best of friends. Your body will love you for it anyway! Three weeks into the challenge and I’ve already noticed that my body is becoming leaner without cutting out anything that I normally love to eat. It seems that the fitter you get, the better you treat your body. Drink plenty of water.

After the Challenge?

After my 30 days of exercise are over, I’ll just re-asses my goals. Maybe I’ll continue to keep going or reduce the number of days that I exercise. Mornings will definitely continue to be the time for it. It’s a bit of a psychological thing where the more you do something, it should eventually become a habit. This is one good habit which I’d like to continue for life.



So … when are you starting with your challenge?

Summer is here so stop with the excuses and do as Nike tells us – Just do it! It’s not as hard as you think to get started. Put on those runners and just tell your legs to start moving. Be sure to buy or get out that piece of clothing which you want to fit into and have it somewhere where you can see it often. There’s got to be a goal to get you started.

Only nine days to go until my challenge is over. Let’s hope that dress zips up! I’d love to do a photo shoot in it.

I’d also love to hear about it if I’ve inspired you to take up this challenge!