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Namaste. Even though I’ve never actually attended a yoga class, I’m an advocate for it. Nearly everyone who walks into my massage clinic is told to try some regular yoga! Lack of flexibility leads to injury or restricted range of movement which leads to people feeling a little disheartened and depressed. Yoga increases your flexibility and provides physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health benefits for those who perform it regularly.

Stretching has been an important part of my health and well-being for a very long time. It’s the only thing which has helped me find long-term relief from aches and pains that plagued me for many of my younger years. After countless visits to health professionals for all sorts of pains, I realised that I was requiring so much from my body but not giving anything back to it. That’s why it fell apart for a while. Fortunately for me, I’m in the ‘fixing people up’ industry so I learnt what it took to fix myself up.

Why haven’t I done yoga?

Because I stretch regularly! Not everyone is so motivated to do it on their own, that’s why I suggest that everyone goes to a yoga class. Having said that, I’m beginning to think that it’s time for me to start. I’ve been a pilates instructor and gave that up due to the slow pace of it all. As the years go by, slowing things down doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. We’re heading to Byron Bay next week where my journey into the wonderful world of yoga will begin.

Anti-gravity yoga

Anti-gravity (or aerial) yoga has been around for over twenty years but has recently had me fascinated, as I look for a different element to compliment my fitness regime. It’s a combination of yoga, pilates and dance all done in a hammock. It looks like a lot of fun and something which I’d love to try. Before heading out to try a full class, I had the fabulous idea of slinging our hammock over a tree to give it a little go first.

Armed with our hammock and some climbing rope, we headed to our local park. There are plenty of trees there but we loved the arching branch of this particular pine tree and it’s surroundings. The branch was just the perfect height to swing our hammock from. I could even do a little somersault on the hammock if I wanted to! If I was to fall off, I would be cushioned by a blanket of soft pine-needles. Luckily we removed some twigs and branches from under the hammock, because my fancy (very safe) knot which held the hammock came undone and I ended up on the pine-needle floor! Please make sure you also have a soft landing if attempting anti-gravity yoga on your own!

Calming and relaxing

Just sitting in a hammock is relaxing. The weightlessness and gentle movement is very calming. This was the perfect place for some meditation and yoga. Starting with some easy poses, I was enjoying my introduction to anti-gravity yoga. It’s not as easy as you may think it is! Holding poses can get tiring quite quickly! Yoga requires some strength and flexibility. The manoeuvre which involved me grabbing my ankles while upside down left me quite dizzy, leading me to think that maybe I’m not ready to hang upside down and somersault through a whole class.

A new range of active wear … ideal for yoga

All yoga gear is from the new Jeanswest Active range. Look the part when you are posing away.

I’m currently living in their Yoga pant, Active long sleeve top and Bianca zip thru fleece jacket from their current range. Jeanswest have come a long way with style and are now up there with the best in their Activewear range.

All items look and feel great, offering support in all the right places and so much freedom of movement. It’s the kind of active wear which I’m happy to run around all day in!


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