winter fitness challenge - running and stay fit through winter in my jeans west active wear

Keeping Fit Through Winter

Twice a year, I feel the need to kick-start my (non-existent) fitness regime in a big way. For some reason or other, time slips away from under my feet and it’s been quite a while since I engaged in anything overtly physical. This is coupled with a few extra dollops of rich body fat which meant that my clothing were bursting at some seams and buttons were popping in places where they had never done before. Instead of giving up and heading out to buy some roomier clothes, I set myself the goal to loose those unwanted inches.

My weight has never been a huge obsession of mine. As long as I was eating well and exercising, I felt great and my body resumed business as usual at a weight which it was comfortable with. That’s how I’ve looked after my health for a very long time. Occasionally, I’ve fallen off the health wagon and totally looked the other way. This is when things go awry and I let it slip for a little too long. This is when I have to shock my system into action with an intensive fitness programme – running seven kilometres every day for thirty days straight.

My running challenge – not for everyone

The challenge has been completed and I’ve managed to make exercising a habit. I’m into my seventh week of running now, allowing for days off whenever I need it. Thanks goodness for my knowledge of massage! If my poor legs weren’t getting treatment every second or third day, I’d be quite broken by now and may not have achieved what I set out to do. My exercise regime is not for everyone. Having been a personal trainer for so many years, I like to push myself more than most people would.

How to start exercising?

For those who want to start exercising, take it easy to begin with but keep it constant. It’s not a race to the finishing line. As long as you’re working out and breaking into a sweat, you’re doing really well. Keep it fairly easy and enjoyable so that you look forward to your next workout. Make sure you spend a good amount of time stretching out after every workout to prevent injury, especially in the colder months.

Obviously, summer is a much easier time to exercise – providing that it’s not too hot! Autumn is actually the most perfect time to exercise as the weather is at a tolerable temperature for runners like myself. It’s also just before winter hits so there’s time to create good exercise habits to see you through winter without too may kilos piling on. Winter is not too bad to exercise in as it keeps you feeling warmer for longer. Wearing the right gear really helps to motivate you on chilly days. For me, it’s a pair of tights and a breathable long-sleeve top with the thumb holes. 

Fitness in Winter – Keeping the Chill Out

Jeanswest’s new active range have me covered while exercising through this winter. Their super comfy Capri leggings (3/4 and full length) are supportive, allow ease of movement and keep me warm without over-heating me. They also have full length leggings for those extra cold days. Same goes for their sports bras and exercise tops. The thumb hole in the sleeves of the tops keep my palms warm and fingers free. The Penelope Soft Shell jacket keeps me warm and dry on those slightly wet days so there’s no excuse for me not to head out!

Did you find your sport already?

Not everyone will enjoy running. Find something which you will enjoy doing! You might want to join a gym to access their exercise classes. There are plenty of non-gym classes which are run in your local community centres – check them out! Or go online and find some activities near you – for example here in Victoria, Australia you could have a look at – an initiative of VicHealth.

How about taking up some indoor sport or even dancing? Anything that gets your heart rate up and sweat rolling down your back will be good for you. Convince a friend or two to join you on your quest for fitness this winter as it will keep you motivated. Working out is also more fun with others!

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