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Perfectly Dressed For Winter



One of the great things about Melbourne’s winter is that it never gets that cold! Not like it does in Europe where it snows. There’s no way that any young filly would be running around baring shoulders and midriffs on the streets in Europe in the middle of the night during winter, like we see them doing here in Melbourne! And because it really doesn’t freeze here, we are able to wear quite a variety of fashionable pieces.

Layering is not something which I’ve taken to but it’s something which I will try to incorporate into my styling as it’s just ideal for Melbourne’s climate at the moment. The most layering I will do is to throw on a coat over a my dress to get me to my desired destination. Simplicity has always been my style. In summer, I’ll throw a summer dress over my head and run out the door. In winter, I try to do the same but with winter appropriate dresses. It just gets too dull to be wearing pants every day!

Asos Fashion – A winter dress

This ASOS dress is just that perfect piece to keep me warm and see that I look fabulous at a day or night event. What’s there not to like about this dress? It has sleeves and falls to mid-calf – my favourite style of dresses. Ok, so there’s a little sexy cutout at the back of the dress which is nothing on skin baring compared to what I witnessed along Chapel Street in South Yarra last Saturday night! When wearing dresses in winter, I’ll always go for sleeves and a below-the-knee hemline. If I were a fan of tights, I’d wear shorter dresses with very thick tights underneath and team it with knee high boots!

ASOS really is such a hit and miss! Even after measuring my proportions and matching it to their sizing guideline, I had to return the first order because it was slightly too big. There have been more returns to ASOS due to ill-fitting items but I have kept a few as well. The ones which I’ve kept, I’ve loved. Why do I persist with ordering from ASOS? Their styles and prices are quite hard to beat – especially when I’m only needing pieces for one or two occasions. This dress is something which not only fits properly, the dress style and print is so versatile for many different events. It’s definitely something I’ll be wearing to the Melbourne races this year.

Luxury Travel to Byron Bay

Our photo shoot location is Tallows Beach in Byron Bay. Yes, when life is as hectic as ours, we feel the need to “dump” the kids at their grandparent’s home and take off to some sunshine for a few days. That’s exactly what we did a short time ago. While it wasn’t the warmest time of year to go (late May) we were treated to one gloriously warm day. We made the most of it and hiked for 18kms along the beach to Cape Byron Lighthouse, the easternmost point of the mainland of Australia, and back. Stopping to produce some fabulous photos!

Need something warmer …

Admittedly the weather in Byron is a bit milder than in Melbourne … so when you look for some warmer winter pieces check out these ones. 

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