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Melbourne Summer Style

Melbourne Summer Fashion

As the temperature starts rising in Melbourne, the less we have to pile on. Beautiful jackets, cashmere and boots help me through the colder months but I still have not fallen in love with winter. Summer is my season of choice – even when there are some unbearably hot days. I’d rather be striving to cool myself down with icy cold drinks than trying to warm up my icy cold hands. I’d rather be wearing breezy, light clothing than piles of wool and heavy jackets. This summer season, you’ll catch me in a lot of chambray, fresh whites, neutrals and the classic Melbourne Black.

Letting go of Brights

Clothes with modern lines, textures and and lovely draping silhouettes will be a winner with me this summer. While I have been a lover of bright colours and florals, this summer I’ll be keeping with clean lines and a neutral palate. It’s all part of my move towards a more minimalistic wardrobe which means investing in less, but high quality, pieces that will last and are mix and matchable with everything else in my wardrobe. Moving from a normally bright and patterned wardrobe towards a more neutral wardrobe hasn’t been as hard as I thought! It still requires some time to get it right and it’s pretty hard to let go of everything at once.

For those who want to do the same, take it gradually as I did. Don’t feel too bad about wanting to keep hold of some colourful things, you’ll find the right time to part with them and you will naturally want to when your whole wardrobe is working well for you. You may just end up keeping some favourite pieces from the past forever! There are some bits and pieces in my wardrobe which I can’t see myself letting go of – for now anyway.

Keeping it interesting

Initially, there was this fear of looking dull in the lack of colour. That fear soon died away as the look and style quickly grew on me. It’s so strange how my shopping habits have changed, not even giving a second glance to bright pieces and prints which normally made it’s way into my shopping bag and back home with me. The key is to create interest with mixing different fabrics and textures. Wearing pieces which move with you as you walk along will flatter your body and draw some attention. It is too easy to go dull and boring with neutral colours so look in your favourite fashion magazines or online resources for inspiration. Hire a stylist to help out if necessary. You are more than welcome to pop back to my website for on-going fashion inspiration.

Chambray at Sunrise

Back to summer and some warmth. Getting up at sunrise is not such a task as it’s already pretty warm at that time of morning. Our Summer Style shoot was in a Mallorcan sunrise. Yes, it’s a warm morning and the sun graced us with its buttery light, unlike our first attempt at a sunrise shoot! For photographers, this is the most ideal light to photograph in. For this shoot, I’ve chosen a chambray skirt and draping jacket from Jeanswet and my favourite wedge shoes from Wittner. The pier nearby our hotel was empty and took us out towards the horizon and closer to the rising sun. We love the results, enjoy.

Skirt and Jacket: Jeanswest
Shoes: Wittner
Sunglasses: Fendi

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