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Wow, has autumn weather ever been this good? In this little article I will tell you how to get toned and fit fast – so make sure you read everything! It was a summery twenty five degrees today which was just perfect for me to hop into my favourite Lululemon pieces and head outdoors for a bit of exercise. It’s not that I wouldn’t wear this outfit on a cooler day when I’m working out, I heat up fast enough! Today was more of a fun fitness routine.

I’m usually a runner. I’ve been running since I was a teenager. Right now, walking is quite enough for me to feel energised. Fitness has to be fun for anyone, including myself, for it to be a regular routine. As I had been a personal trainer for so many years, a fitness routine will always be part of my life. It keeps my mind and body in shape.

Benefits of exercise

We all know the benefits of exercise but so many people just don’t do it! It’s that mentality that exercise causes pain. It’s true to a point. If you are computer bound day in and day out, a little walk would hurt you a bit – but only for a short time! Keep at it for a week and I promise it will get easier.

When I was working as a personal trainer, I would always encourage my clients to get some incidental exercise into their day. It may mean getting off a couple of tram stops early and walking to work, going out at lunchtime to get your coffee down the road, take the kids out to kick the soccer ball. Fitness does not necessarily mean that you have to hit the gym and sweat it out. Today I felt great taking a leisurely walk around a park, doing some kickboxing moves, small spurts of running and climbing trees. There is just something nice about being in a tree. It gives you a different perspective of what is around you. Go on, give it a go! Your arms will love you for it.

Fastest way to get toned and fit

I’ll have to admit that running is the fastest way to get toned and fit. It also can cause some injuries. That’s the reason why I don’t do so much anymore. My favourite fitness routine is walking with intervals of running. I’ll walk for a couple of minutes then run gently for about thirty seconds. This is repeated for a minimum of thirty minutes. Doing this type of exercise raises and lowers my heart rate, which I find very effective to burn fat and get fit faster than just walking. It’s also great for toning the legs and bottom without putting too much strain on my joints, like constant running can do. Boxing was also a great way I liked to keep fit. I used to teach it and one day I’ll buy a bag to hang up and punch again. Until then, I’ll just practice my kickboxing moves which look quite impressive and gets my heart rate up.

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Just get started

The key to getting fit and looking good is just to get started. There must be something that you’d love to do that involves movement! How about dancing? There was a client who came to me with thirty kilos to lose. Thirty kilos! Her sisters, who were already training with me, dragged her along to a session. At about the one month mark, this client told me that she was disappointed at only losing one and a half kilograms since she started. She was loving to exercise programs that I had her on. I told her to look at the big picture and multiply that kilo and a half by twelve months.

Sure enough, by the end of one year with me, she lost about twenty kilos. I can’t take all the credit for it, this client of mine had fallen in love with swing dancing. This form of dancing is highly energetic and there is no room for alcohol as you need to be quick with your moves! So hours of dancing weekly with only water consumption during the sessions, she burnt the whole thirty kilos off and maybe more.

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Enjoy your exercise!

Start with a leisurely walk with a friend or start playing a sport that you like on a regular basis. Better still, go dancing! I’m still planning on convincing a salsa teacher to come out to my area and hold classes. That would be the ultimate way for me to keep fit.

There are times when I totally lack motivation. My fabulous husband knows exactly what to do when this happens. He gives me a voucher for Lululemon! I’ve been a fan of this label for a long time. My favourite things from this label has got to be their flirty running skirts. Guess since I’m a girl, I’ll run like one! Then, there is this lime green top which is designed to keep you cool while exercising on a warmer day! There are slots at the end of the sleeves for your thumbs, so it has the effect of a built in fingerless glove. Super cool. This stuff is wonderfully designed and just lasts, wash after wash. So yes, I’m in the mood to exercise again.


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