Stretching in Santorini - Greece

Stretching – feel fabulous

BBeing fabulous is not only about looking good, it’s about feeling good as well. I usually like to stay fit and healthy but I do like to indulge in the bad stuff as well – everything in moderation! I’m writing this as I stuff some potato crisps into my mouth : ).

My only daily regime nowadays is stretching. I learnt quite a few years ago the importance of regular stretching. I was suffering from headaches, back aches, wrist pain, arm pain, hip pain, leg pain. I sought physiotherapy treatment, osteopathy treatment, massages, acupuncture. Nothing helped me for long periods. I realised eventually that the only thing that worked was to stretch regularly. Stretching every day for a few minutes keeps my pains away.

I’m like everyone else, in the fact that I find stretching quite boring. That’s why I never put special time aside to stretch. I do it while I’m going about my daily activities, like now as I’m writing I’m doing a hip stretch. I do them when I’m playing with my kids or while I’m watching television.

I’ll share with you some very basic stretches that I do. Please only attempt these stretches if you have no conditions which would be exacerbated by doing them. If unsure, consult your doctor.

These stretches are to be done slowly and to a level that is comfortable. Please stop if there is any pain.

I hope they give you some pain relief as they did for me.