Thrift Shop - Budget Fashion in Melbourne

My love for Thrift Shops

OOver the years, I have picked up loads of amazing designer pieces from Melbourne opportunity (thrift) shops. I just love a bargain! Unfortunately not all thrift shops are equal. You’re more likely to find nicer and designer items from shops in the nicer suburbs. You’ll find me trawling through the Camberwell Salvation Army store, the Sacred Heart Mission in Hawthorn, and the Doncaster East Salvation Army store (near my place).

You would think that areas such as Toorak or South Yarra stores would be great. Unfortunately it feels like you are shopping the leftovers there. I used to live in those areas and never picked up any really nice items. I’ll venture out to other suburbs soon. Would like to try Canterbury  and Surrey Hills. Drop me a line and tell me of any other great ones!

Ebay is also a fabulous place for bargain fashion. It pays to know the label you are buying, as it is sometimes a hit and miss with not being able to try something on. I’ve made a few boo-boo purchases there!

Take a look and some of my favourite thrifty fashion bargains here on this blog.