relaxing on sounlounger

Yoga poolside

It was nice to stop and take time out of our hectic holiday schedule to relax at the poolside and do some yoga. Not a lot, but enough to limber up. All the sight-seeing and travelling takes its toll on my body and I was not going to head home to my busy lifestyle with a stressed out body.

I’m a fan of Yoga

I’m a fan of yoga. If your body is tight, then your circulation and oxygen flow around your body is decreased. Your body is less likely to cope with demanding activities, and the chance of injury increases. Taking a little time out to stretch has so many benefits. A session of yoga gives your body more range of movement. It’s also relaxing as you are focusing on something that is good for you while you are doing it. Your breathing becomes more rythmic as you are forced to slow down. Learn some yoga and practice it on a daily basis for great health benefits.

There are so many different types of yoga including Hatha, Bikram, and Ashtanga yoga. I’ll have to admit that stretching out it Vietnam was a bit like an outside Bikram yoga class, with temperatures reaching around the mid thirties every day, not to mention the humidity! Some days it was at 90% humidity there. Bikram yoga is taught in rooms heated to forty degrees with forty percent humidity!

Yoga Outfit

Make sure you wear appropriate yoga clothing which allows your body to move freely and to breathe. I’m loving my yoga gear from Witjuti Bamboo Clothing. The fabric is made from organic bamboo!  It has a silky feel and it’s super stretchy. Both the pants and singlet are a stylish cut, which also made them perfect for my long plane and train trips. Doing some yoga on the go was a breeze.

witjuti bamboo clothes

waking up - stretching

yoga outfit - comfy and great quality

yoga look

bird of paradise flowering

yoga in vietnam - hoi an yoga session

yoga outfit - comfy

yoga and stretching in natural bamboo clothes

poolside fun - organic clothes


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