Mix hugo - Recipe for refreshing summer drink from Italy

Hugo Recipe – a refreshing summer drink

With summer only around the corner, I thought it was time to introduce a very popular European character to Melbourne. Hugo (pronounced ‘Ugo’) is a from northern Italy. Hugo is fresh and sweet, making him very popular with the ladies, cooling them down on hot summer days. Hugo is just delicious! Why don’t you get acquainted with Hugo this summer. Check out the recipe below … easy!

Champagne drink with elderflower – Hugo

Hugo is a champagne aperitif with elderflower syrup (holundersirup in Germany) and sprigs of mint. This drink is super refreshing and smooth to drink. Elderflower syrup was something which I got totally hooked on while visiting Germany. My non-alcoholic drink of choice was the holunder schorle, which was elderflower syrup with soda water. When they got it right, the drink was lovely. Too much or too little of the syrup could make or break this drink! This goes the same with making Hugo.

mint and lime for Hugo

Where to buy elderflower syrup?

Although they say that elderflower syrup can be made easily at home, you’ll probably want to purchase a bottle of it. Elderflowers can be a little hard to source, down here in Australia. You might spend approximately $20 on a 700ml bottle of this stuff, but you only need a little per drink. Some brands are better than others. Maybe stay away from the cheaper variations as they do taste different.

I’ve read that the elderberry itself has some fantastic health benefits, containing antioxidants and helps you to fight off cold and flu symptoms. The Elderflowers have been used to relieve inflammation, pain and swelling. Maybe enjoying this delightful syrup is not such a bad idea (not so sure about the alcohol in the drink)!


Hollunder is elderflower

Impress your female friends

Hugo is a very easy drink to make which will impress your female friends. The guys tend to shy away from this one, as they do with any drink who is sweet! Like any other cocktail, mixing it up yourself is better. It is easy to mix:

Hugo Recipe:

  • 100ml of Prosecco
  • 150 of Soda water
  • 10mls Elderflower syrup (add more for a sweeter drink)
  • 2tsp Lime juice
  • 4 mint leaves (more if you like it minty)
  • Ice cubes

How to mix Hugo:

  1.  In a large wine glass, muddle the mint leaves.
  2.  Throw in some ice cubes.
  3.  Add the elderflower syrup.
  4.  Add the prosecco and soda water.
  5.  Cut some slices of lime and add for a good looking as well as a tasty drink.

Enjoy in moderation!

elderflower syrup - mixing Hugo

enjoying a glass of Hugo

prosecco summer drink

Hugo in a bottle

The easy option is to buy it in the bottle and throw in some limes and mint to make it look like you mixed it! This is the lazy version of enjoying Hugo. Hugo in the bottle! Okay, I’m hearing some of you crying out ‘that’s so wrong!’, but this pre-made fellow is not too bad. It’s super cheap over in Germany, only three euro per bottle. I was wondering why it was so cheap until I realised that it half consists of soda water!

Hugo is a champagne aperitif which consists of

  • prosecco,
  • soda water,
  • elderflower syrup (holundersirup in Germany),
  • limes and
  • mint leaves.

It’s really popular with the ladies.

A refreshing drink – Hugo

Unfortunately Hugo in the bottle is only sold over in Europe, as far as I know. I had only discovered this refreshing drink on my last visit to Germany. When we went to visit a friend, he had this bottle sitting in the fridge waiting for me. How nice was he! It really didn’t need much sprucing up but I think that with a squeeze of lime and some crushed mint leaves, it would have tasted like the one you mix up yourself.

There were gorgeous pink hydrangea flowers in the garden and I thought it just added to the presentation of the drink. Throwing some flower petals or berries into a clear drink makes it that little bit more special.

So, if you get over to Germany one day, order a Hugo to cool you down on a hot summer’s day. Maybe you might want to try mixing it this summer at your next party or while lounging around your pool.

Hugo in a botlle - alternative to mix it yourself

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