Nest with baby birds - waiting for food

Childhood Flies – Enjoy every moment

The vines had grown over my washing line at the side of my house so I decided to totally remove them.

Later that afternoon, mamma bird returned to her nest and sat there in plain view with the sun blaring down on her. The poor thing had made a nest within my fence and I had completely removed her covering! There were no eggs to be seen in the nest so we thought that she was trying to lay some. Quickly, I ran around the garden to gather foliage to shade her nest with. Yucka and birds of paradise leaved did the trick.

Hello Baby Birds

Each time mamma bird flew away, we checked the nest for eggs and never saw one. Maybe mamma bird was too stressed to lay her eggs? It was too late for her to build a safer one elsewhere. We were hoping badly that she did lay some eggs so that we could see the babies up close and personal. How often do you get a chance to be that close to baby birds?  A couple of weeks later, three little pink-skinned babies appeared in the nest! Though it was super special and exciting to have these babies to watch, we had our concerns about possums, cats and rats which may devour them. Reality was, that’s how nature operates and we could only wish for the best.

We were very amazed to see the rapid rate at which these cuties grew! We took a photo of them each day for the eleven days that they were in the nest. Eleven days was all that these birds needed to be running around and now they’ve gone, leaving an empty nest for us as a reminder of them. What amazes me is that mamma and papa bird will be following them closely for a while, still bring them their supply of worms until they can fly properly. The parent birds are know to visit the nest and surrounding areas for approximately two weeks after the babies have left the nest to make sure that they are doing alright, feeding them if needed.

Enjoy every moment

It was so special that we were given the opportunity to see life unfolding in front of us. In a funny way, witnessing these baby birds growing at such a rapid rate makes us think of the speed at which our own children are growing up too. Sometimes parenthood is tough and tiring and we do wish that they would grow up quickly in some aspects of life. In reality, children are only children for such a short amount of time. No matter how trying they are, at whatever stage of childhood they may be at, you will only be able to enjoy them as children for that short period of time. Enjoy every moment with them, watch them grow and develop through each stage, be involved as much as you can, show them by example.

In the blink of an eye, they will be adults before you know it and they will be adults for a far longer time that they are children.

Enjoy the photos of our baby birds and may they be a reminder of how fast childhood flies.

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