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Vintage swimsuit in Cinque Terre, Italy

Ok, so life’s pretty good at the moment. This is a beach in Cinque Terre, Italy. There’s no sand in sight, just gorgeous rocks. It’s quite different from the beaches that I’m accustomed to. The rocks are rather large, unstable and hot! My poor little toes were slightly burnt from walking on them! Sitting on the rocks at the water’s edge was the most that I could manage at this spot. The rocks got a bit more wobbly and were slippery in the water so best that I just sat and let the sea splash up at me. The rocks were so beautiful that I wanted to bring one back to Germany with me. A photograph of them was decided the best way to do that. How cool does that rock look in my Givenchy sunnies!

The beach access was a little deceiving. Looking down at the stairs to the beach, you would think that it ended with a wooden barrier, with still a long way down to the beach. This is probably why there were very few people there. I had to yell down to a sunbather for directions down and it happens that there is ladder at the end of the stairway! Not all would be keen  or are able to take the steps down.

So I sat there for  a while, taking time out from some serious travelling – 3000 kilometres in a week! My poor husband drove all the way as I refuse to drive on the wrong side of the road! The mad Italian drivers reinforce my decision not to do so.

This gorgeous black and white retro swimsuit is from Watersun. I’m usually a bikini girl but I just fell in love with this one-piece, halter-neck with a plunging neckline and cute buttons.

retro swimsuit

retro swimsuits

vintage style beach swimsuit

sunglasses on stone - creative photos - hot rock

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beach stones in cinque terre

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vintage swimsuit