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Mother’s Day

Most of these special days of the year were created to generate the sales of something. Even if you are like myself and don’t believe that there should be a specific day in which you should be appreciative of your mother, you get caught up in it all. Mother’s Day is just one of those days where you feel guilty if you don’t go over to see mum – even if you see her nearly every weekend! Ok, so some of you may even see your mum every day and still feel the need to spend Mother’s Day with her! Oh, and what to give mum after knowing her all your life and having given her gifts for every occasion throughout your whole life? I was just pondering on this myself. Of course mum doesn’t care for gifts, she just wants to see me. Regardless of this, I want to give her something to let her know that she’s special.

Commercialism of Mother’s Day

As a mother myself, I’ve put a stop on soaps, candles and photo frames. I’d like to think that I’m easy when it comes to gifts but apparently I’m not! Each year, all I ask is that my kids give me something from the heart. I’d love it if they just made me something! Guess that this is a tad bit harder than purchasing one! Then, looking at my relationship with my mother, I’ve always just bought her something. Mum is quite easily pleased with some nice perfume or makeup, handbags or clothes. I probably could still come up with something that she would like, but it’s now not special enough. I can give her all those nice things any time of the year.

A special gift for Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, I want to give her something from the heart, something much more special. I’m going to rebel against the commercialism of Mother’s Day because with my talent as a photographer, I should! This year and every year after, I have chosen to give my mother a beautiful portrait session.

My mum …

Surely this is the least I can do for a woman who not only created me. This was the woman who, some time ago, decided to risk her life and swim across the Mekong river from Laos to Thailand. With only a change of clothes in a blown up plastic bag to aid her, she escaped Laos in the hope of giving herself and her children a better life. And she did just that!

My mother has passed on her courage and determination to me. In turn, I hope to pass it onto my children. I don’t fear change and I sure will give most things a good go, just as long as it’s not something that might injure me! Nothing is impossible or out of reach, you just need to want it enough.

So, with great reluctance, mum got into a beautiful traditional Laos outfit and allowed me to take her portrait. Some of you must be thinking that’s she crazy for not wanting such photos! Guess I still need to convince her that I’m not such a bad photographer. Hope she likes them : )



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