heart made out of sand

Mother’s Day in Port Melbourne

OOf all the jobs I’ve ever had, being a mother is definitely the best and most fulfilling of them all. My children are my top priority and my constant source of joy and entertainment. We have the most fun doing the most simple things, like going to the beach. Whatever season it is, we hit the beach when we can. Okay, it makes it a lot easier when it’s warm and beautiful like it was today.

Learn to respect themselves as well as others

Sure, there are some challenging moments with my kids, especially with my girl who is on the verge of entering her teens. We have some moments where the situation between us gets a little heated, nowadays I will just give her a huge bear hug and things calm down and we progress. My kids get treated with the respect and consideration that I expect back. That, for me, is the direction that we must continue on for some smooth sailing through life. I want my children to grow up and learn to respect themselves as well as others.


Laughter rings loud through our house daily. One day they will be parents themselves and I’d like to see them treat their kids the same way. I didn’t have kids so that they could fit into my life and my needs, I had kids to make my life the better place that it is now. My family are what motivates me and drives me to do what I do. I want them to be proud of who their mother is and what she can achieve. This will, in turn, show them that it’s possible for them to do the same – achieve anything that they want to.

Fun in Port Melbourne

Today we frolic at the beach, jump in the autumn sea, cover each other in sand, give each other piggy-backs and photo bomb! Have you ever of that term before? I was introduced to it by my daughter. She’s trying to look creepy in the background with a smile on her face. This is us being together and being happy.

playing at the beach in Port Melbourne

brother and sister

photo bomb

port melbourne beach fun

piggy back at the beach ... fun fun fun

running on beach at sunset

mother with kid at beach in Melbourne

beach day

love heart made with hands in sunset over melbourne at the beach

birds sunset in Melbourne on mothers day

sunset over port melbourne