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Beach @ Port Melbourne

So it’s another twenty five degree day in May. It’s Mother’s Day eve and we decide to hit Port Melbourne beach for a sunset photo shoot.

Normally, I’d style the shoot in neutral colours for the beach. This time around I had a vision of a pink sunset. I wanted to stand out in the shoot in vibrant red but I don’t own a red dress or skirt. Thank goodness I have a twelve year old daughter! I raid her wardrobe and found a cute little floral skirt of pinks and red that was just perfect.

Port Melbourne Beach at Sunset

Being barefoot on the beach is one of those things that instantly relaxes me and lifts my mood. My parents used to take me quite often as a youngster. Sometimes I do wish that I lived closer to the beach so that I could do this more often, but most Melbourne beaches are only a short drive away.

At sunset, there were few people down at Port Melbourne beach that day which makes a photo shoot a lot easier. Sometimes it looks like I’m on a deserted stretch of beach and not in the middle of Melbourne city!

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