kate peck and dion lee opening the mumm champgane marquee at the birdcage 2019 - Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival

Melbourne Cup – The Birdcage 2019 – Mumm

The Champagne Mumm marquee in the Birdcage at Flemington is always a highlight. Every year there is a different theme which reinvents the luxurious marquee. We got a little glimpse of the new layout and design at the Melbourne Spring Carnival Birdcage preview. Champagne Mumm celebrates this years Melbourne Cup for the 10th time. Have a first look with us in this extravagant space. The red and pink theme flows througout the hotel and offers plenty of spaces to party, drink and relax.

Maison Mumm – A stylish french hotel in the Birdcage 2019

The 5 star “Maison Mumm” Hotel opened its doors in chic style with a ribbon-cutting ceremony facilitated by Maison Mumm Marquee co-host Kate Peck and Australian fashion designer Dion Lee. The 2 story enclosure has even a secret room for the most exclusive guests to enjoy the exclusive RSRV champagne. The Maison Mumm Hotel bellboy will help the lucky few with invites to the to find the way behind the gold door in the lift – but we are still waiting for our invite.

How to not open a bottle of champagne – champagne shower

Highlight was the giant champagne bottle opening in front of the Maison Mumm. It’s impressive to watch the bottle opening and the champagne reaches impressive hights. Only problem is … what goes up must come down. Kate Peck got showered in champagne – which she took with lots of humour.

Mumm Collective – Dion Lee x Mumm

Special guest was Mumm collective member Dion Lee  member. He has also designed the Maison Mumm Hotel uniforms (see pictures).

The spectacular launch also featured executive chef Dan Hong, marquee interior designer Nina Maya, designer of the hotel artwork Alesandro Ljubicici and bespoke ice bucket designer Hayden Cox.

The Birdcage 2019

When you are a VRC member you have access to the Birdcage. Make sure you walk past the different marquees which give you beautiful photo opportunities and instagrammable spots even on the outside at the facades of the enclosures.  Don’t worry when you are not a guest of one of the marquees; there are lots of open spaces and activations for members to enjoy in the Birdcage.

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Mumm Marquee 2019 Birdcage Mumm Marquee - French Hotel Theme - Birdcage 2019 Dion Lee and Kate Peck at the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival - Mumm Marquee before the champagne bottle opening - dion lee and kate peck open the Maison Mumm - a french hotel in the Birdcage


Kate Peck champagne shower at the 2019 Melbourne Cup Carnival in Flemington - Birdcage 2019 Kate Peck joy after champagne shower Birdcage music entertainment

mumm glasses 3 girls in lift in house maison french hotel in bridcage - luggage - designer dresses - champagne flower arrangement dion lee x mumm 2019 birdcage marquee - photos of the marquee serving champagne mumm





All event pictures taken by www.freshphotography.com.au