stand in mango tree

Green Mango Tree

There was a mango tree at our hotel in Vietnam! Unfortunately it had been stripped of most of its fruit, but there were still a couple hanging around. I love seeing mango trees. They represent the tropics and mangoes are just so tasty! Asians love using green mangoes for salads, as well as for eating with a dipping sauce. It’s uncommon to see a tree with ripe fruit hanging off it unless the fruit was too high to reach! I have very early memories of climbing mango trees when I lived in Laos (many, many years ago).

The singlet top and yoga pants that I’m wearing are from Witjuti Bamboo Clothing. This is clothing made from organic bamboo! The fabric is super soft and comfy (95% viscose/rayon from organic bamboo / 5% spandex). I’m all for comfort when I’m lounging around, even in a mango tree.

When I travel, comfort is most important to me. I want the freedom to move and stretch out on long trips. This outfit was the perfect choice for the long flights to and from Europe. Throw on a white wrap cardigan for a smarter look.

photo shoot in hoi an vietnam - girl climbing a mango tree


girl standing in tree

girl sitting in tree


tree up


bright green


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