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Made to measure – Tailors in Hoi An, Vietnam

Made to Measure

The Spring Racing Carnival is fast approaching. Whilst in Vietnam, I thought I’d have a one-off dress made there. I was actually thinking about having three made, but my other half suggested that I try one first to see the result before ordering more. With a turn-over time of a day and a half, I’d have plenty of time to order the other two if I was satisfied with the first.

Make sure you scroll down to the end of the article and read my tips about how to select a tailor in Hoi An !!!

[box color=”gray” icon=”check”]See the outfit I got made in Hoi An here – I used it at Caulfield Guineas Day 2013! [/box]

A recommended tailor

I had been recommended to Yaly by some friends who had been there and loved their purchases. There are so many different tailors in Hoi An and your head will reel if you read all the reviews! I went with one that was recommended to me. They are more expensive than most, so I was expecting a higher standard. Make sure you read the 9 tips about tailors in Hoi An at the end of the post.

Huge selection of fabrics – Tailor in Hoi An

Yaly had a wonderful selection of fabrics and plenty of staff to help you with your selection. Prices are not negotiable here. I had visited their other store (there are two Yaly stores in Hoi An) and was quoted $20 more for the same dress. After accidently stumbling into the second Yaly store and getting a cheaper quote, I was happy to go through with my order. I was assisted by a lovely lady who seemed to know exactly what I was after. She found the image of the dress that I had described to her and printed it out for me.

Please come back tomorrow – 3 fittings

I chose a beautiful floral print on a stretch silk and polyester fabric. Florals are so in this season. She took my measurements. The only input I put in was that she made my waistline a little higher than she suggested – so that it sits at the smallest part of my waist. Somehow that was misinterpreted and at the first fitting, my waistline was high up at my ribs! Yikes! After a little arguing, being that it was my fault for asking that the waistline should be higher, the supervisor told her to do it again. Please come back tomorrow. The second fitting saw the waistline being where it should be but the dress needed to be finished off. Please come back tomorrow.

The dress was done by the next fitting. Apart from the finishing on the inside of the dress, it was lovely. I was going to order another dress, at the price that the sales staff had quoted me on a lace fabric. There was a long discussion between her and her supervisor about the quoted price and I was informed at the end that it would be dependent on my choice of lining. I couldn’t be bothered going any further there. Fittings are time consuming, as well as uncomfortable in a shop with no air conditioning! I only had two days left and since there was a change of mind in the price I was quoted, I’ll leave it.

My Verdict.

It’s worth getting something made for the experience of it. Not sure if it’s worth the money (I paid $75 USD). Of course it’s much more expensive than getting something made here! Quality wise, it’s still better for me to hit the Australian labels, knowing the garments are well finished. Saying that, I’m looking forward to wearing the dress I had made to the Spring Racing Carnival. Check back for the photos of the outfit!

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9 tips on having something made to measure – Tailors in Hoi An, Vietnam

  1. Take a photo of the item you want made with you. Know exactly what you want.
  2. Allow time for fittings. You will have to go in for at least 3 fittings. This may be quite disruptive to your holiday if you plan on doing lots of sight-seeing.
  3. Try and go as early as possible for your fittings as it gets really hot later in the day and there is no air conditioning!
  4. Choose quality fabrics. Don’t waste your time having something made from a cheap fabric as you would be better off buying that kind of thing off the rack.
  5. Go by yourself to the fittings as it may take some time and you don’t want people hanging around in the heat waiting for you.
  6. Don’t go in expecting the highest quality, or the quality of clothing in retail stores. These tailors use many different dress-makers to sew their orders.
  7. Read the reviews on different tailors and choose the one you like the sound of. Prices do differ from tailor to tailor, even if they are of the same chain!
  8. Don’t go with the tailor that your hotel recommends (or better: don’t use the free taxi)! They will offer you a free car ride to their tailor of choice. Little do people know that you will be quoted up to 40% more than those who walk off the street to order. The hotels take a cut from the clients they send in, so the tailor will charge you more.
  9. If wanting to order multiple items, try ordering one first to test their quality. The tailors will be out to impress you so that you buy more.

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