The Goblin Ball

The Goblin Ball event sure lived up to it’s name. Creatures of many different forms gathered into the Northcote Town Hall to mingle, dabble in costume play (role play in costumes – cosplay), and dance the night away. We were blown away by some of the costumes which took a lot of effort to put together. One guest was in the form of a tree! How on earth he managed to walk around (and dance) in it was beyond me. Makes running around in stiletto heels a walk in the park!

Fantasy costumes

Some guests wore amazing dresses which lit up from within. One in particular had arches in her Victorian skirt where there was a different silhouette on each one, telling a story. Maleficent’s screen style spilled out into the ballroom. Guests wore short and long horns and feathered items of clothing. My favourite piece of Maleficent style was a feathered jacket worn by an elfish gentleman. Some costumes were rather ghoulish, with the likes of Medusa and friend making me want to keep a fair distance from them. Snakes, be real or fake, are not my favourite things to be near! The corpse bride with her glowing dress would scare the living daylight out of anyone who came across her in a dark alley!

So what did I wear? I’ll share the photos of my outfit soon. See here: Princess Style! 

Cosplay & Party

The “Walk of the Gods” had the chosen ones, who were in worthy attire, parading in front of the Fire King and Queen.  A woman in a fire themed costume was judged the best-dressed on the night. She arrived noticeably later on, probably due to getting her outfit and make-up together! The ensemble looked amazing and very appropriate for the theme of the ball “The Ember Rule”.

The main ballroom was entertained by a string quartet, allowing guests to chat and admire the variety of costumes walking around them. For those wanting to party, another room was pumping with retro vibes as the DJ churned out tunes from the eighties. It was rather amusing to watch the tree boogying away! The marketplace was buzzing with masquerade ball attendees who were shopping for skulls, trinkets, soaps, new costumes and voodoo items.

The Dark Realm team put together a another great night, where those in search for something a little bit different could indulge in costume and role-play. Some just sat back and enjoyed the sights and frivolities. The roaming juggler was very entertaining until one of his very large knives fell very close to me! The best accessory was the real white rabbit which a lovely lady held in her arms.

Melbourne – Goblin Ball 2015

The Goblin Ball team has already announced the date (27/06/2015) and theme for next year’s event for those who want to enjoy a night of fantasy fashion, magic and a theatre performance.

The Power of Voodoo! Check here for details: Goblin Ball 2015

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All photos are taken by freshPhotography Melbourne – we didn’t put any watermark on them – so feel free to grab them for personal use (more info here). Please link to this post when you post the picture online. 

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