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Princess Style

When I received the invite to the Goblin Ball, it was an instant ‘Yes!’. I do love a good dress-up party and this one was going to a very different one. What was I going to wear? I was definitely not going as a goblin! And how was I going to photograph with a mask on? This was a masquerade ball! 

The Vintage princess ball gown

It took some hunting around but eventually I found this beautiful vintage, embroidered silk ball gown from a favourite op shop of mine. Someone had it custom made many years ago and, like myself, would wear it just once. This stunning dress was an irresistible purchase! It was an absolute perfect fit and in excellent condition.

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My luxury French lace mask

When I am inspired and if time permits, I do like to sew. The divine French lace was something which I purchased quite a while back when I had a lot more free time to indulge in such activities as sewing. So this lace was just sitting around, waiting for a dress like this to adorn. I decided that a lace mask would be exactly what I needed if I was going to use my camera with ease on the night.

There was enough French lace for the neckline of my dress, my mask, and the over-sized flower, which has silk dupion as a contrast. Unfortunately the French lace cost ten times more than the dress! Just as well it was lying around in my stash of fabrics! The gold gloves were a last minute purchase because women who go to balls wear gloves!

Being the crafty person that I am, I created the lace mask and the silk and lace flower which sat on my head. It’s not as hard as you may think to create these things – you just need some creativity and time! I’ll show you how to make a lace mask and a large silk flower soon. 

Pricess style outfit

Feeling like a princess, I dragged my dress through the rain and headed for the Northcote Town Hall. It’s a wonderful town hall in Melbourne, it was very suitable for the Goblin Ball event. We turned up slightly earlier to create some shots with the hall empty …

[big_text]Enjoy the images … [/big_text]

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