alone on the basteibruecke - Melbourne fashion blogger travels to Europe


Sometimes it’s really hard to get the balance right when it comes to doing a photo shoot for my blog. Ideally, I’d love to always be stylishly dressed and well groomed for every shoot! When we are on the go, comfort normally rules as the car trip can get quite long and sometimes we have to walk a bit to our destination!

 Comfort Rules – Seafolly & Crocs

This is one situation which called for an easy wearing summer dress from Seafolly and a pair of Croc wedges – yep, Crocs are still around and I finally succumbed to a pair of these shoes which are so comfy! Believe it or not, I was the best dressed up on that bridge! Most of the tourists there were dressed for a hike, even though the walk from the carpark to the bridge was a very short one. Casual dressing in Germany normally means sporting a pair shorts or pants. I just love how Australian women feel so comfortable about throwing on a dress on a sunny day, even if it is just to go supermarket shopping!

 Bastei, Sächsische Schweiz, Dresden

This is the famous Bastei Bridge in Dresden in Germany. It’s a very popular tourist destination. People come here to take in the sight, to hike or to climb the rocks. We were amongst the sight-seeing mob. This bridge was rather busy with tourists in the middle of a working day, making it difficult to photograph it nicely (sunrise or sunset would be ideal with most tourists gone). With a little patience, we made the most of the brief moment where the bridge was empty and got a shot. Unfortunately it was right in the middle of the day when the light was harsh.

A shot of the bridge at sunrise would have been wonderful, but I’m not a morning person so that wasn’t going to happen!


girl looking from basteibridge near dresden in saechsische schweiz bastei view fashion blogger in dresden - melbourne travel - pink outfit impression of baste, dresden, germany, europe german traditional buildings floating bridge - on rocks - girl in pink dress rockclimberbasteibridge double exposure - trees and portraittrees and sunlight - pink dress