boags marquee birdcage

Boags – Birdcage Marquee

The spacious Boags marquee at the Melbourne Races was the largest in the birdcage. We were impressed by the food choice – wonderful cheese platters – no not only a platter it was a whole buffet. Amazing finger food and desserts served throughout the race day.

The beer garden offered wonderful views on the racetrack and even inside were plenty of monitors to get the latest race results and action of the Melbourne Cup.

During our short visit we snapped a few pictures to give you a little insight:

boags marquée

cheese platter

horse betting

horse race

beer tap


lady at the races in melbourne

boags marquée

waitress at the boags marquee


boags marquée


pretty lady

photo       booth

boags marquée

event photography

melbourne races pictures

wtaching the races

outside - watching the melbourne cup


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