seppelt design of marquee at the birdcage - where to get the best photos

Seppelt Wine Marquee in the Birdcage

The Seppelt Wines Marquee was revealed by racing ambassador Rebecca Harding and winemaker Adam Carnaby. It showcases a menu including a dessert infused with Seppelt’s finest sparkling white wine, Seppelt Salinger and Oak-aged feta using the brand’s flagship St Peters Shiraz barrels all paired with Seppelt’s portfolio of wines.

Marquee guests will be entertained by electric-acoustic duo Perolas and will enjoy special touches including a bespoke Seppelt wine cart. From the deck, you have a wonderful view of the stables. Enjoy our walkthrough.

seppelt logo wine cart playing the harp opening of the seppelt marquee in the birdcage - Rebecca Harding and winemaker Adam Carnaby marquee balcony hospitality at seppelt marquee seppelt wines flower ceiling flowers and dessert horse statue flower infused food - food stylist rebecca harding seppelt wines outdoor area in seppelt marquee - birdcage 2019