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Return to Vienna – Zimmerman Dress

Return to Vienna

We’ve been to Vienna before but we weren’t photographers the last time we went. Guess it gave us an excuse to head back to this gorgeous city in Austria. It was summer on our last visit there but this time we were there in autumn, which meant that it was a little cooler. That didn’t stop us from trekking to the popular tourist destinations which we remembered from our last visit. The only thing we didn’t do this time round was taking a horse and carriage ride around the city. If you ever get to Vienna, it’s a must! It’s such a romantic city and I do wish that I had more time there. There were great plans on wearing a beautiful ball gown, hopping into the carriage and riding around Vienna. It just didn’t happen. Guess we’ll have to go back for another visit!

This gorgeous dress has been sitting in my wardrobe for some time now, unworn. The right opportunity just didn’t come along for me to throw it on! Maybe I simply just forgot about it while it sat lodged in between other dresses in my overcrowded wardrobe. Well, it was about time that I wore it and had it photographed so that I can be reminded that it exists!

Zimmerman Dress – Backbeat poppy dress

This dress was a special occasion dress which I purchased from Zimmerman (Backbeat poppy dress), a great Australian label which produces some stunning pieces. Not that I had a special occasion in mind to wear it to! There are so many events on throughout the year that it would surely be put to use. Alas, that hasn’t been the case. Yes, I’ve had many special events to attend, but the dress was not my first pick for any of them. It was simply one of those purchases – saw it, fell in love with it, bought it, wonder when I’ll wear it! Sound familiar?

It’s a beautiful silk dress which is boned in the bodice and has a tulip shaped skirt. The floral pattern is very subtle and arty, especially great for those like myself who are trying to tone things down but still love a little bit of pattern. The stiff silk organza allows the skirt to hold it’s tulip shape but does look slightly odd when you are sitting as it bulges upwards! Oh, and when the wire in the bodice sticks out through the fabric and onto your skin, it’s not comfortable! It’s the perfect dress for a stand-up cocktail party.

It’s not the ball gown I had in mind for traipsing around Vienna in but it was pretty enough to take along for a quick photo shoot in this stunning city. We loved the look of the back entrance of the  Vienna Imperial Palace (Hofburg) and it was a fairly quiet spot in a city where tourists flock in droves.

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