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My Week of Beauty

Birthday Beauty week

Last week was my birthday week and I was totally spoiled. With each birthday, you can’t help but want to turn back the clock a little. There’s no need to do anything too drastic, just treat yourself to the right beauty products and treatments once in a while. For me, it was a little bit of this and that in the past week which made my birthday a day to look forward to instead of dreading.

Avon has released their new  Ultra Color Indulgence lipsticks. Their gorgeous range of colours inspired me to do this beauty blog post. The Miracle Cushion Foundation from Lancôme was also sitting there waiting for me to try as well. Only a week ago, I received a teeth whitening treatment at Dr. Ramy Georgy’s new Smiles of Melbourne clinic down in Macedon Plaza (Templestowe Lower). I was feeling rather pampered. It’s Birthday Beauty week!

Colourful Lipsticks

When it comes to beauty, the colour of my lipstick will finish off an outfit perfectly and set me in the right mood for the occasion. Some lipsticks are better than others, and it’s not due to the price of the product – as I have found over all my lipstick wearing years! I’ve used high-end products and not so high-end products from the well known and the not-so-known brands. It’s the colour which attracts me into using each different product and I have my favourites.

What annoys me the most about some lipsticks is that they either just don’t last or they last all day but dry out your lips and removal of it requires some hard scrubbing! Sure, most lipsticks will transfer onto coffee cups or the lips of your favourite man and that’s fine with me. It’s annoying when I have to re-apply frequently for no good reason!

It’s been a long time since I have used an Avon lipstick. There just wasn’t one which I fell in love with. I’ll have to admit that I’m not a fan of ordering from a catalogue when I don’t know how the colour would look in real life. You are able to get samples or a representative to come and show you the colours, but that all requires a bit of time and effort. Avon are now available online which makes it easier to order their products.

red lipstick

There are some gorgeous shades in Avon’s Ultra Color Indulgence Lipstick. Not all shades are for me, but I found that 5 out of the 12 colours suited me. This lipstick glides on smoothly and the colour is luscious. I’ve worn it all day and it’s still there after coffees and food. Thankfully, there was no lipstick found on my teeth – another problem with some lipsticks. The verdict is that I love the lipstick which has kept my lips hydrated all day! Rose Bouquet is the colour I’m wearing in this photo shoot. Can’t wait to try the other shades!

lance make upThe Lancôme Miracle Cushion was a new beauty product which was waiting for me to try out as well. It is a unique product with a soft spongy cushion at the top of the compact which the colour comes up through from underneath. The sponge applicator helps with an even application of the product. The product is wet when you apply it and it dries up nicely on your skin with no oily residue.

Used on it’s own, it doesn’t provide enough coverage for my liking. It’s something which I will carry in my bag to touch up with to reduce any oiliness on my skin which develops during the day when I get a bit warm. The Lancome make-up artists claim that this product can cool your skin slightly in a warm environment, so I’m looking forward to experiencing that.

A Bright White Smile

Smiles Of Melbourne specialise in teeth whitening. Dr. Georgy told me that they were very good at what they do and that I should come and see what it’s all about. Admittedly, I’ve never bothered with such things! My teeth weren’t very white but they weren’t awfully yellow either. When Dr. Georgy invited me down to his new clinic to try it out, I was curious.

The appointment was for an hour and involved the application of the whitening gel to my teeth and then lying underneath an ultra-violet light for two lots of 15 minute treatments. When I walked out of there, my teeth shone bright! It would take a day or so and the whiteness would settle down to a more natural tone. There are cheaper options for teeth whitening, such as the supermarket shelf products and the pop-up teeth whitening stations at the shopping centres. I’m not sure that they can produce such a great result as what Dr. Georgy has done for my teeth! The whiteness of my teeth will last me anything from 6 months to a year, depending on how well I look after them.

Red wine was off the menu for a few days so champagne was the drink of choice for my birthday celebrations. No complaints from me! You can see the results of my teeth whitening treatment in the photos. I promise that I didn’t alter the colour of my teeth with photo editing! This is their natural colour and I’m super happy with it! Give the lovely Dr. Georgy a call and treat your teeth to some whitening and add confidence to your smile!

Yes, I’ve had a lovely birthday week. It’s normally a quiet affair these days and I’ve enjoyed spending it with family and friends. It was wonderful that I received these lovely gifts during the week, along with so many other lovely things! Just remember that while it’s nice to receive things, be grateful for what you have and give whatever you can. Whatever age you may be at, it’s just a number. You are as old as you act and feel.


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Treat yourself – When is your Beauty week?

Remember to treat yourself to some indulgences from time to time, like some lovely beauty products or treatments, to put yourself in a fabulous mood. Life’s too short not to be fabulous – each and every day!


Dress: Finders Keepers Simple Life  Leather Lazer Cut – from Fashion Bunker  (And have a look here for more pics!)

Lipstick: Avon – Ultra Indulgence Lipstick in Rose Bouquet

Foundation:Lancôme Miracle Cushion – No.5 (worn over my own)

White Teeth:Smiles of Melbourne