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Relax and Travel

Here are some tips for you how to get the most out of your travel adventures.

Get the most out of your travel adventures:

  • Slow down!  Relax! You only can see the beautiful things when you take your time. Don’t rush from one tourist attraction to the next. It’s sometimes the simple things which are the most memorable.
  • Stay longer in one spot – Lots of travellers stay only one night in one location to travel to the next the other day. Make sure you have at least 2 nights or longer – this gives you a full day!
  • Splurge on experiences – You will easily forget that nice t-shirt, jumper or skirt you bought on your holidays. Go out and create life memories with some special experiences. Some luxury experiences may sound expensive – and they are – but you will look back and benefit from these experiences a life time.
  • Create a bit of luxury – even when you travel on a budget, plan something special every now and then. Something you would’t do every day and you would look forward to. This could be dining at an amazing restaurant, a wonderful multi-day hike, a special tour, a luxury accommodation or a wellness spa – just to give you some ideas.
  • Plan ahead – a well planned holiday saves you valuable time for your experiences. You won’t need to worry about reading tourist guides to find the best experiences while you are on the go.
  • Be spontaneous and flexible – Now as you have planned your trip, make sure you stay flexible. I know it’s a bit contradicting to the planning part. Think about that wonderful festival which is happening right now, the live music venue you just discovered, the insider tip for the most amazing camping spot! You’ll always discover things on the go. Embrace it – make the most out of your trip.The pictures below were taken at our relaxing stay in Bad Kleinkircheim – Austria.

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