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Life’s Little Luxuries

Creating your luxurious space.

It all starts outside with the gorgeous wall art of an African child. Walking into Home By Tribal immediately stimulates your senses and transports you to different parts of the world. You feel like you’re in a marketplace somewhere exotic. There’s so much to look at, with each piece having been selected because of it’s uniqueness. Along my travels, I’ve seen so many beautiful pieces which I had no vision of how it would all come together. In this little store, everything just fell into it’s right place. That’s what someone with great interior knowledge can create!

Home By Tribal in Melbourne

Isabella Patterson’s passion for finding these treasures has lead to an online business which brings the world to us. Realising the need for these products to be touched and felt to fully appreciate their textural beauty, the Hawthorn store was opened. This is where you can go to select a few pieces to add a little luxury to your home, or go all out and create an oasis where you bring the world to you. Home By Tribal has everything you need to create a space which oozes a sophisticated Bohemian vibe.

You may also want to add some Australian luxury to your home by selecting products from Lumira (makers of luxury candles and perfumes). The lovely Almira Armstrong has grown a passion for making candles as a teenager into a fully fledged business. These carefully crafted candles in glass jars are infused with fragrances which will trigger your senses and create a relaxing ambience wherever they are lit. There’s a fragrance to suit different moods and different times of the day.

Home by Tribal and Lumira came together to host a lovely evening of champagne and canapés, so that we could experience what their passion was about. It was the most perfect evening for throwing on a summery dress and getting together with other creative types to share our stories. The night left me inspired to make a few changes to my own home. I would have loved to have taken every piece home with me!


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