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A Red Silk Christmas – Customized Fashion in Melbourne

It’s a week until we head off to Europe, in the hope of seeing our very first white Christmas! First stop is Germany, with a short visit to Prague thrown in there, and a week of skiing in Switzerland. Sounds amazing, right? Admittedly, I’m getting a little anxious about the cold that’s about to hit me. Normally, we stick around in Melbourne because the summer here is great. We have great beaches and the streets are quiet. Lots of bbq’s to be had in the backyard and plenty of outdoor restaurants and bars to meet up with friends for a summer soiree. Yes, we’re giving up a month of Melbourne’s summer to head to the ice and cold.

On the upside, it’s the first Christmas we’ll be experiencing in the cold – apart from hubby who has had to endure many unnaturally hot Christmas’ since his arrival here ten years ago. The Christmas markets will be an amazing sight and the gluhwein (mulled wine) will be there to warm us up. We’ll dine on fondues and roasts and burn it all off on the snowy slopes. Mind you, it’s going to be my first attempt at snowboarding so I’m hoping to get out fairly unscathed!

Red Slip Dress

Because Christmas is so close, I thought I should get into the Christmas spirit and do a photo shoot in a beautiful red dress. The dress is a slinky silk slip wth lace detailing, which was especially designed and made for me by a beautiful designer friend, Iva Pfeiffer. It fits perfectly and accentuates my curves, rather than just falling straight down like most slip dresses. That’s the beauty of having something custom-made.

Designer Fashion made in Melbourne

Iva graduated in design not so long ago and is set to go far. She’s from the Czech republic, lived in Sydney and has just recently relocated to Melbourne. She’s one of these souls who I’m glad to have met. Not only is she talented in design, Iva has a huge heart. Earlier this year, she donated all sales from her fashion event to refugees and asylum seekers (a cause which I also support). You can read more about this amazing woman on her website.

Customized Fashion in Melbourne

This dress was intended for me to wear to Oaks Day during the Melbourne Cup Carnival. We had decided to go with red, as I was making a red headpiece for Oaks Day. A last minute change-of-mind saw me wearing something else, so this beautiful creation had not been worn until now. It’s so beautiful and it’s such a pity that I’m not able to wear it where I’m heading to this Christmas. It would have been a perfect Christmas party dress. I’m sure I’ll be wearing this one for a long time to come. It’s just perfect for a cocktail party, a dinner out in town or to a theatre show.

This dress was the second silk slip dress which Iva has created for me. I also have a black one which I absolutely love! The 90’s slip dresses had made a comeback this year, but I have always loved them for their ease-of-wear and how sexy they make me feel! Iva informs me that I could also wear them as nightgowns if I wished! I think they’re going to stay in my wardrobe, ready for many special occasions to come.

This set of photos were taken by our talented work experience student, Indah Parna, at Freshphotography. She did a fabulous job!

Dress by Iva Pfeiffer



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