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Melbourne Burger by Castello & Easey Burger

We’ve always wondered why there were three trains sitting on top of a building in Collingwood, on Easey Street. Maybe it was just an art instalment in this hip part to of town where there is a lot of art, mainly in the form of wall art, and the trains were seen as a sculpture overlooking the city. It wasn’t until we received an invite to an event which was held in the building, which the three trains sit on, that we knew what the building really was. It belongs to Easey Burgers, a burger restaurant which uses one of the trains as a dining area.

Castello Burger Blue Launch

The event was the Castello Burger Blue Launch, with special guest Adam Richman (of ‘Man V. Food’, ‘Man Finds Food’ and ‘Secret Eats with Adam Richman’ fame). Castello has specifically designed a smooth and flavoursome blue cheese which is conveniently sliced and ready to be enjoyed in your burger. Having already experienced steak and blue cheese sauce in France, we knew that Castello were onto a good thing. Australians love burgers, including us, and this blue cheese just adds a little bit of a flavour punch.

The best burger in Melbourne

Along with other foodies and media types, we built our burgers to our liking with the Castello Blue cheese. It’s not a taste which everyone will like but it’d definitely something to try.  Adam Richman entertained us with some poetry about burgers and blue cheese then posed with adoring fans. Personally, we had not heard of him until the event but we were curious to meet him. There were some pretty cool foodies in attendance, especially one in particular who turned up in a burger suit! It was a fun night of great burgers and great conversations with new friends.

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