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The Cool Side of Melbourne

Collingwood !!!  The Cool Side of Melbourne

We were on our way to an event in a funky part of Melbourne, Collingwood, and decided that the wall art was too good not to use as a backdrop for a quick photo shoot. The sun was setting and I was wearing my groovy new Pacifico sunglasses and faux leather dress by Finders Keepers, totally looking like I was a local. It was a fairly warm spring day so I made the most of it and wore a mini but the sudden drop in temperature at sunset sent me running inside.

Collingwood (just on the outskirts of Melbourne’s CBD) has a great urban vibe. It’s going through an upmarket transformation, but it’s still a little rough in some parts. This area was quite the stomping ground for druggies and dealers in the past. It’s now a hip part of Melbourne, with new constructions going up and it’s where you’ll find some pretty awesome wall art. It’s only just down the (Eastern freeway) road from us and we just don’t get down there enough! Street Art everywhere.

Usually, when we made a visit to Collingwood, it was to the Children’s Farm or to the Abbotsford Convent. It’s quite unique to have a farm in such a densely populated area where children can frolic for hours and adults can enjoy coffee and a bite to eat. An even better place to eat is at the Abbotsford Convent Bakery which is next to the Children’s Farm. The food and coffee there are fabulous. The Convent is a lovely building to look around. We’ve done a couple of photo shoots there as it’s such a great space.

Discovering Melbourne

Smith Street Collingwood is a great place for some outlet shopping, especially for those who love the outdoors. They’ve got some of the big brands there, some of which have closed down due to steep rent hikes so make sure you check if your favourites are there. There’s also so many great cafes and restaurants in this area which we’d love to explore more of, including the place which we on our way to. We’d seen the three trains on top of a Collingwood building on Easey Street a few times and had always stopped to admire them, wondering why they were up there. It all became clear when we were invited to an event inside the building with the trains sitting on top. The venue is the burger joint, Easey Burgers, where the trains have been converted into a dining space.

Street art, shopping & cool kids

There’s something for everyone in Collingwood, from vintage stores to homewares and electricals. There’s plenty of great options when exploring the area gets you a little hungry and thirsty at any time of the day. It’s worth strolling into sides streets to see the amazing, very detailed street wall art which artists have spent some time creating. This part of town is definitely for the cool kids, so head down there for a visit if you want to hang out with them.

Dress: Finders Keepers

Shoes: Mimco

Sunglasses: Pacifico (Designed in Bondi Beach … ahhh … I need to go back)


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