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Spring Racing Fashion 2016/2017

Spring racing is just about to hit us and I am still in the process of putting my outfits together! My racing wardrobe has seen so many style changes over the years. There’s a part of me which wants to go with current trends. There’s also another part of me which wants to do things a little differently, stand out in the crowd.

This year, I’m going to try and balance it out, picking pieces which are current and throwing in my own little touches to add a little more interest to the outfits. This may just mean I wear an amazing piece of my own millinery creations, or add something to the outfit to change it up. Whatever I go with, I have to feel gorgeous in it.

The perfect spring racing outfit

What would my perfect race day outfit look like? I’m going to take you through some contrasting looks and let you know my thoughts on them. Hope this helps you put together your outfit as well.

Pastels or Brights?

I have worn both in the past and I’ll have to admit that I felt quite spectacular in bright colours in the past. Fuchsia pink was one of my favourite colours, followed by orange. Nowadays (maybe an age thing), I prefer pretty pastels as they’re not so loud and I do find they are the classier tones which please the eye of most people. I’m really loving pastel blue and Lilac. For my first racing outfit of the season, I’ve picked out a gorgeous pleated dress from ASOS in lilac. It’s accessorised with a light grey hat (which I created myself), silver accessories and a statement necklace. It’s the prettiest outfit I’ve worn to the races! The dress was so floaty and feminine and I’m going to find more events to wear it to!

Monochrome or Florals/Patterns?

There are some gorgeous floral prints and patterns out there. The new season floral embroidered dresses are quite stunning. Monochromes are timeless and you (nearly) always look elegant, providing that you pick great styles in great fabrics. Monochromes offer a clean palette for a splash of colour with accessories. I’m trying to go a little more minimalistic so I’m wearing a bit more monochrome at the moment.

Dresses or Jumpsuit / Co-ords?

Most of the time, I’ll pick a dress because it’s easy. I love dresses! Sometimes, if I can be bothered, I’ll pick and skirt and top combo. When I wear a skirt and top combination, it ends up looking like a dress anyhow. As for jumpsuits – I go to the ladies room way too often for them! Jumpsuits are designed for tall women. Unless you are tall, I’d stay clear of jumpsuits.

Heels or Flats

That all depends on the day. There was a time when all I wore were heels – from morning until way past the last race! Nowadays, it’s heels for as long as I can then into some flats which I’ve stowed in my handbag. It’s either that or I call it quits nice and early. With so many nice flat shoes hitting stores at the moment, I’m very tempted to go flat for the whole day! Oh, who am I kidding? I’ll be wearing heels. It’s a short person thing.

Fascinators or Alternative Headwear?

When it comes to headwear, I’m so not a fan of little tufts of feather or a little fake flower sitting on my head. This is the time when I will put in some effort and wear something special. Crowns are huge this year and I’m very tempted to wear one. I make my own millinery. It’s a skill I learnt a while back which has allowed me to create pieces for myself. When it comes to headwear, I like stand-out pieces. It’s always lovely when strangers come up to you to compliment you on your millinery! Keeping in mind that I take photos at the races, I can’t wear pieces which obstruct my view so fascinators are out of the question. My first hat for the racing season was one which I designed and created myself. It’s made from sinamay and crinoline, with some sparkling embellishment.

Bright Lips or Smokey Eye?

Smokey eyes are quite alluring with nude lips. I haven’t perfected that look yet but I’m going to give it a go when I wear one of my black lace dresses to the races. Sometimes I’ll throw on some bright lipstick, depending on my mood and if the outfit calls for it. For my first outfit, the lilac dress needed a little lift, so I swiped on some bright pink lipstick.

So this is how I’ll be styling myself for the races this season. Ultimately, it’s about feeling fabulous in whatever I choose to wear. My outfit choices depend a lot on the mood I’m in on the day, which sometimes leads to a quick outfit change! Will you be frocking up and heading out to the races? It’s a great excuse to look your best and head out for a fun day with friends, even if horse racing is not your thing.


Photography by freshphotography.com.au – Photographed on the Caulfield Racecourse at Guineas Day 2016
Dress: ASOS Pleated Sheer And Solid Crop Top Midi Dress in lilac

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