pandora event at the stables of como

Pandora Poetic Blooms and Disney Jewellery Collection Launch

Set within the lovely grounds of Como House, The Stables of Como is an intimate space which is perfectly suited for events such as Pandora’s Poetic Blooms (great for Valentines Day) and Disney Jewellery Collection Launch. It was as girly as it could get, with pastel flowers strewn everywhere and a candy bar which had our eyes widening up in delight. Oh, and we were all there to make wonderful floral Minnie Mouse inspired ears to celebrate the new Disney Jewellery collection.

Our lovely hostess was Connie of K Is For Kani blog. Connie’s popularity and love of floral headbands (she’s got plenty on her Etsy store) made her the perfect choice for Pandora to help create this beautiful, floral infused event. The Minnie Mouse inspired ears was a fabulous touch to an already delicious brunch. With bowls of dainty paper flowers in front of us, we were invited to design the headpieces to please ourselves. Of course mine had to match the floral two-piece outfit which I thought was perfect for such an event.

We were treated to some sparkling wine, blended with fruit nectar from the Mimosa Bar. Delicious food was served in bite-sized portions and in little jars. The gorgeous new collection from Pandora was there on display for us to view and add to our wishlist. There are some stunning, whimsical pieces which had me (who doesn’t own a piece of Pandora) turning into a fan.

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