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My blog posts have been far and few lately, so I’m feeling a little behind. There’s thousands of stunning pictures stored away, waiting for stories to go with them. Unfortunately it all requires some time and as story writing is not my passion, I sometimes struggle to put words to those pictures. There’s no better time to start than during my holiday break from my full-time work. I’m going to aim for as many stories as my head can handle, whether it be related to fashion or just the happenings in our lives. As this blog was created to document the great things we get up to, I better get on top of it as we do so much!

Creative Melbourne Photography

So I’m a bit of a creative sort – if you haven’t already realised. Photography is a passion of mine, which I’ve only embraced a few years ago (along with my gorgeous husband at ). Proves that it’s never too late to change learn something new or change careers. Since picking up photography, life has become a bit more vivid and I see the world around me in frames. Some frames are a little ordinary but some are just too beautiful not to photograph and keep still for eternity. If only I could carry a camera around my neck every minute of my waking day!

Events, Weddings & Family Photography in Melbourne

And so it seems that we photograph rather well. We’re getting busier and busier each year with photography clients. We’re wedding and event photographers so we get to see a lot of fun. We’ve covered many Spring Carnival raceways (as I’ve been a racing enthusiast for quite a while), birthday parties and corporate events.  We also capture families as everyone deserves beautiful photos of themselves to look back on. Then, in our spare time, we photograph bits and pieces for our fabulous blog. It’s the variety of work which keeps us motivated and creative. Creative Photography in  Melbourne is something we can see ourselves doing until we can’t hold up a camera anymore.

Printing our Photos – The Wall of Love

With so many gorgeous photos, it’s too easy to keep them on our computers. The great thing about the blog is that it allows us to access some of these photos more easily and from anywhere. It’s easy to share with others – including you! Some photos are just too nice to kept stored on our computers, so we print them out and hang them on our wall. It’s been named our “Wall of Love” because all photos up there are just of the four of us, apart from one photo of myself and my family just before we fled Laos as refugees. That one single photo reminds me on a daily basis to be grateful for all I have.

Creative picture frames for our photography in Melbourne

This first week of 2016 has been spent painting old photo frames (which I’ve collected from various op-shops) white, then selecting and printing photos to go into them. You can pick up so many luxurious and vintage looking photo frames for next to nothing in op-shops. They may look rather old, until you spruce them up a little with a few fresh coats of paint! The photo wall was inspired from Pinterest. It was started last year and it’s taken until this year to add more to it! Yes, it’s time consuming but when you’re someone like myself, you will find it to be a relaxing experience and totally satisfying. The photo wall is something we enjoy staring at on a day to day basis, so it was really worth putting the effort into it. If you like the idea of the photo wall and can’t be bothered going about it as I did, go and purchase a whole load of photo frames and put your memories into them to enjoy!

What I love most about the frames is that they’re mostly slightly different. This adds some texture and interest to a plain wall. There’s so many different ways to create a photo wall so find one that suits your decor. Our room is white with some rustic pieces. White photo frames were the most subtle option.

Creativity rush …

Creativity requires some quiet time. If your mind is always busy, as it is most of the year, there’s not a lot of time to get creative – unless your work requires you to be! Unfortunately bills need to be paid, kids must be cared for, meals have to be cooked. We’re working really hard on creating more quiet space to enable more creativity to rush into our heads. There’s so much which I love to create and would love a little more time do create them! Happily, I can tick this photo wall off my list of to-do’s for the new year. Now on to the next project!

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