Aztecs exhibition at Melbourne Museum 2014

Aztecs @Melbourne Museum

The Atztecs conquered Melbourne! We were told very little other than that we would be treated to an Atztec feast and show “The feast of the revered ones” at the Melbourne Museum.

A mexican band playing traditional music including “La Bamba” and “La Cucaracha”. Girls in modern versions of the Aztec outfits (feather head dress) serving beverages and tacos, burritos and fajitas. Guests were treated to nail art and temporary tattoos – both Aztec style. We can’t forget to mention the preferred drink of the revered ones – Tromba Tequila.

The exhibition features over 200 cultural treasures from Mexico – a rare event to see in Melbourne. Enter the temple to uncover the mysteries of the Aztec afterlife … experience the Aztec way of life.

You still can visit the Aztecs exhibition at the Melbourne Museum in Carlton until 10 August 2014.

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