is the apple watch fashion or is it just a toy

Apple watch – Fashion or Not?

The Apple watch was released today. It’s fresh from the factory and I am one of the lucky first to be holding one of these highly anticipated piece of technology. Even though they stated a 4-6 weeks wait for delivery, it got here right on launch day.  Sometimes it’s a good thing to be living in Australia because we get these devices first! (the downside is that we have to pay a little bit more – #Australiatax.

Why I need the Apple Watch to complete my fashionable outfits.

I honestly have no clue what the Apple watch does or why someone would need it, all I know is that it looks good. It’s the most chic fashion accessory of the moment. The Apple marketing machinery suggests that it’s a fashion item and not a geeky electronics device. It’s marketed as being sleek and stylish  – a must have device for the fashionista. Spotted on Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour (although she’s claimed that she doesn’t ever wear a watch), Beyonce and other celebrities.  Read on to find out about some secret apple watch functionalities and my 5 reasons why the fashionista needs an Apple watch:

apple watch fashion
apple watch release in australia - a first look from a fashion perspective

1. Fashionistas need an Apple watch – regardless of the price!

The Apple watch has been featured in Vogue, Elle and Harpers Bazar magazines. It’s been worn by supermodels and fashion icons so it means that we all should listen to Apple and go out and buy one! Yes, each fashionista has to buy this piece of “wearable fashion” – even if it costs up to $24,000 (the gold “Edition” model) which is even sold in fashion stores. Go on, you want to look good and be on trend. The latest Armani and Chanel items are so yesterday!

2. Don’t worry about battery life – I solved the daily charging problem for you!

When you see it from a fashionable perspective, you don’t even need to worry about battery life – it’s just an accessory. Why would you need to charge it? It’s just there to look good, if not for any other purpose!

3. Get multilple Apple watch bands to compliment your outfits!

You can have a different watch band to match your outfits. There’s plenty to choose from. Be prepared to fork out a bit if for the look you want – it’s worth it. Maybe even get the different watches! There’s the Apple Watch Sport, the Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Edition. They are all made from  a different material (Aluminium, stainless steel & Gold).

4. There is no other choice than the “Apple Watch Edition”

No one wants to wear the same dress as anyone else. Buying a mass product online has risks. Remember the last party you went and this other girl was wearing the same dress? There will be only a few million Apple watches produced, so make sure you get the gold edition to set you apart.

5. The messy handbag – the reason why Apple invented the Apple Watch

I am pretty sure that Apple did extensive studies and found that the typical handbag is pretty messy – “I just can’t find my iPhone!” I know it’s somewhere in there but it’s much easier to raise the hand and use the Apple Watch. It even has a few functionalities.

6. Super Secret Apple Watch functonality

Psssst – did you know that the Apple Watch has some super secret functionality built in?

One of them is the Levitation function. Just start the app and push the button. It’s made for models to just float across the runway.  Telepathy is another one of the functions of the Apple watch – It lets you read other peoples’ minds – just point the watch towards their foreheads! Find out what they really think about your super stylish outfit!

apple watch on kids wrist - expensive toy - apple watch apple watch is not a fashion accessoire - kids wearing it


My opinion: The Apple watch is not a fashion item.

You might have guessed it, I don’t think the Apple Watch is a fashion accessory. Apple can put as much advertising in Vogue as they want but it does not make it more fashionable or desirable. I love my Apple Macbook Pro, iPhone and iPad Air. While my iPhone is my day to day communication device – I use the Macbook Pro and iPad Air for more serious work. They are sleek and stylish – but definitely not fashion accessories.

Now there is the new Apple Watch – just released today! Personally think it’s just a toy for now (that’s why you see my little son wearing it in the pics). I am pretty sure Apple is aware of that, hence the reason why they created a Mickey Mouse watch face!

Admittedly, it’s a very interesting piece of technology and I am impressed by the quality of the watch, especially the Milanese Band with it’s magnet – it’s an amazing  and one of the best watch bands I have ever seen!  The watch you see in the images was borrowed from a friend (Thanks Michelle ) who visited me today. Ethan and I had a little play. It’s awesome to control your iTunes, read your text messages on the watch, control your Philips Hue lights or check your heart rate. At the end of the day, the little one loved it more than me :-).

Wearables will have a place in the technology world. It’s just the start and I am pretty sure there will be a device soon which will wow me, maybe not in a fashion sense. An expensive electronic device (esp. the Apple Watch Edition) which should last a bit longer than a seasonal fashion item.

Apple watch – Fashion or Gadget for kids?

What do you think? Has the Apple watch really a place in fashion world or is it just a geeky gadget? Let me know in the comments …

kid got apple watch on release day - spoilt