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The reluctant model

Blogging is something I stumbled upon a not so long ago. It was a place where I could archive some gorgeous photography and life experiences which I could reflect on later. There’s regular travel, fun events, special occasions and many simple moments which produce laughter and smiles. As a photographer, it’s natural to want to capture as much of this as possible! As much as I love to be behind the camera, someone has to stand in and be the model! Since we showcase a lot of beautiful fashion as well, my other half was not an option. Though I’m not camera shy, the model’s role is not always something which I always happily and eagerly jump into. There have been several times which my other half had to beg and plead for me to stand in front of that lens – all for the sake of a great photo! We figured that landscapes were more beautiful with someone in the foreground. The results are always stunning, hence the reason I oblige. As I have said, blogging and modelling has fallen upon me later in my life. Great genes alone doesn’t keep me looking camera-ready for these editorial style shoots which we produce. My skin is not as youthful as it once was. We all want to look fantastic for as long as we can. Years of indulgence, laughter, and beach fun catches up with us all. Those life lines and marks are only natural. There’s nothing wrong with some help to enhance what nature has thrown at us. Listed at the end of this blog post are my tips on how I keep looking youthful and photo-ready. Don’t forget to read to the end … 

Sorry mum … my beauty routine is different …

My daily beauty routine is simple, unlike the routine of some people I know! Take my mother for instance (sorry mum). She will smear egg whites all over her face and keep it there for an hour before washing it off. It is aimed at tightening her skin. There’s also a product which she uses, where the ingredients aren’t know to me (the package is in Thai). This stuff burns! It apparently reduces freckles and sun-spots if used daily. Not the kind of routine that I’m going to take up, even though she looks amazing! I’m sure you’ll all have some wonderful methods of your own. If it works, keep it going! Make-up is always worn when I’m modelling or when I’m heading out to a special occasion. Using a good base is mandatory for an even and easy application of my make-up. Garnier has come up with an amazing all in one daily moisturising cream. It’s the first BB Cream to be released in Australia and I’m onto it! Why wouldn’t I want to try such a product which will address all my skincare needs? The Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream:

  • SPF 15 UV Protection
  • Evens skin complexion
  • Reduces spots and imperfections
  • Anti-aging properties
  • Fights acne
  • Provides 24hrs of intense moisture
  • Can be worn on it’s own or as a make-up base.

That’s how I keep my beauty routine quick and easy. That means there’s more time to do what I love, like roaming around the streets of Paris and dining on wonderful French cuisine. I’ll admit that Europe inspires me tremendously and I’m not such a reluctant model here!

My outfit in Montmartre – Paris

Our first photo shoot location is at the monumental Sacre Coeur which is located just over the rise of Montmatre – our chosen area of residence in Paris. For those who have visited the Sacre Coeur, you will know that it’s always full of tourists! We somehow managed to find quiet, tourist-free spots to bring you these beautiful photos. Montmartre is a hidden gem, where less tourists roam. It’s an area where the food is superb and the locals like to venture out to catch-up over cocktails, wine and a cheeseboard. This is the second time which we have stayed here and we absolutely love it! Even though they give the impression that they run around in high-heels and pencil skirts, the French women dress for comfort here unless they’re heading out. There are plenty of steps and cobblestones to get across. My outfit today was pretty and functional. I’m wearing a silk taffeta skirt from Feathers (no longer available), Wittner lace-ups (super comfy for playing tourist in) and a mint green top from Valley Girl. The necklace is from Forever New.

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There I give you my 12 tips how to stay youthful and photo-ready











how to stay youthful


How to stay youthful and photoready


My 12 tips on how to stay youthful and photo-ready!

Drink plenty of water Reduce your sugar intake Sleep well Exercise regularly Enjoy the sun moderately Use a miracle cream such as Garnier’s BB Cream! Enjoy alcohol sensibly Clean make-up off properly every day Wear a moisturiser with sun protection (SPF 15 or above) Frown less Smile more Eat fresh food often

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Life is too short.

Why not look fabulous all the way through it!