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The abandoned airfield

While driving towards Berlin, we thought that we should contact one of our lovely friends on Google Plus and have a beer with him. Ok, it’s the modern times and we’re two outgoing people so why not? It was my first visit to Berlin and Andreas hasn’t seen it in 20 years. Neither of us had met Larsen (who lives in Berlin) before, but he regularly corresponded with us on Google Plus and seemed nice enough.

Not only was Larsen happy that we contacted him, he would take some time off to be our tour guide for the day. What he planned for us was a very relaxing and enjoyable experience which gave us a look at a part of Berlin that most tourists wouldn’t even think of. He had organised bikes for us and would take us for a trip to an abandoned airfield – abandoned by planes that is! This airfield was busy with runners, bikers, rollerbladers, skateboarders and others just enjoying this open space.

The last time I was on a bike was approximately eight years ago and I nearly fell off then! Starting off a little nervous and wobbly, it didn’t take long for me to enjoy cruising along Berlin’s bike paths. It’s a huge contrast to biking around in Melbourne, where most people go a tad too fast for my liking. In most of Europe, people cruise along on their bike at a speed which I’m happy with. 

Stylish, Smart, Silly, Fabulous!

Since we were going to be on a leisurely bike ride, it was going to be a little challenge to look stylish for the photo shoot as well. So it wasn’t the most practical outfit, but I wanted to be a little more like Audrey Hepburn and ride around in a skirt! My concern was that the floaty Laura Ashley skirt got caught in the spokes of the bike tyre so I wouldn’t recommend that you do it. Love the slogan on my t-shirt – Stylish, Smart, Silly, Fabulous! The stripes co-ordinated perfectly with the stripes of the airfield. You can grab one from Zara. The silver Sketchers are one of my favourite pairs of shoes. They’re super comfortable and go with lots of things. Sunglasses for the day were from Max Mara. Not quite the Audrey look, but I tried!

A bike trip on the airfield

So we take a bike tour around Tempelhof Airport (often called the City Airport), which once was an official airport in Berlin. It closed down in 2008 as it wasn’t needed. The last plane to land there was in 2010, an emergency landing. Tempelhof Airport now belongs to the public as a city park. It’s now called the “Tempelhofer Feld”. There are even little gardens being grown there!

After a nice easy ride around the airfield, we sat back and enjoyed a cool local beer at the Tempelhofer Feld’s beer garden and watch the clouds go by. Thanks for the lovely day, Larsen!

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