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Live Life – Kayak in Melbourne

So we’re into the new year already and this is the first blog post for the year. My blog posts have been a little far apart lately, but the end of the year seems to get like that. There’s so much going on and instead of documenting it all, I decided to just enjoy the moments. Writing something to share on the blog can get a little exhausting, with all my other work and a household to run! Guess we were all a little exhausted here as we’ve quietly made our way through this whole Christmas and New Year period. Not that we do a heap anyhow, it was just a little quieter than usual this year. We’ll make up for it at the end of the year when we head over to Germany to join family and friends there for a really traditional Christmas. A very cold, traditional Christmas – there better be snow!

For my first blog post, it’s all about what’s most important to us in life. Spending quality time with family and friends. Laughing so much at times that tears roll down our cheeks. Experiencing new things and new places. Being the best at what we choose to do with ourselves. For us, it’s firstly being the best parents and role models for our children that we can be. It’s becoming better human beings by caring about others who are not so privileged, and doing what we can to help them. Then comes our passion – photography. We’re constantly trying to produce consistently great work for our clients as well as personal work to share with others.

More experiences not more stuff

Our aim of becoming minimalists still requires a bit of effort as we struggle with old habits. It’s hard to let go of ‘stuff’, but we’re moving along slowly but surely. We’ve got to constantly remind ourselves to collect more experiences in Melbourne (and of course travelling), not more stuff. It’s definitely something to be practised for quite some time to come before we get the full swing of it! Not that we’ll ever stop buying ‘stuff’. As a fashion blogger, it’s tough to give up purchasing new items! We’ll definitely be reducing the amount of things we purchase and give whatever we want to buy a lot of thought.

This year is going to be another exciting year when it comes to life experiences. We’re heading to Japan some time mid-year. We’ve never been there and the more we read about the place, the more awesome it sounds! We do like to visit somewhere new every year and Japan is going to be an adventure. They don’t speak much English there and the food is going to be challenging for the little one who hasn’t got much of a palette for Asian food! He does like cooked tuna sushi so he could live on that for a couple of weeks! There are also still places around Australia which we haven’t been to – like Tasmania. Maybe we’ll throw in a sneaky trip there as well.

Kayak trip – A Melbourne Experience

Speaking of experiencing new things, last year we were given a couple of vouchers to go kayaking around Melbourne. We left it until after the expiry date on the voucher as we just were too busy ! We finally made a date to head out when the weather was nice and boy, we couldn’t have picked a more perfect day for it. The sun was shining, it was about 27 degrees and the water was perfectly calm when it was time to hop into our kayak. We were joined by three other couples and our tour guide that day. Cruising around in the kayaks along the Yarra River at sunset was an amazing experience. Yes, we had to do some paddling but it was easier than we thought! The experience left us wanting a kayak of our own but maybe we’ll stick to our path of owning less and just borrow one when you want to head out for a bit of kayaking.

Hope your year has started off well and that reading this blog post inspires you to go out there and live life. Collect those experiences which will make your life richer than any material thing can do. That doesn’t mean that you have to leave your own city to do so! There’s so much to do here in Melbourne and we’re constantly finding new things to do in our own home town. Don’t forget to be grateful for what you have and give a little thought to those who are doing it tough.

Whatever you do, do it fabulously. Life’s too short to be boring.

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