Swimming at Little Waterloo Bay in Wilsons Prom

Little Waterloo Bay

Sealers Cove to Little Waterloo Bay 

The second day of our hike was the worst day weather-wise. It reached 37 degrees! It’s no fun hiking with heavy backpacks in that heat, then having to climb steep hills as well! I’m alright with sweating but the poor boys shirts were drenched with sweat! Every now and then, we’d take a break where they would remove their shirts and hang them out to dry before the next leg of the hike. The funniest thing was when we took a rest at the top a hill, an area where we got some phone service, a message from my daughter dings. ‘How do I turn on the aircon? I’m dying!’. She’s at home (because she didn’t want to go hiking with us) and we had turned off the aircon at the mains outside. Yep, she would not have lasted an hour of this hike with us!

Our next campsite was Little Waterloo Bay. It’s a 14.7km hike from Sealers Cove to Little Waterloo Bay and we took around 6 hours to complete it. Fast hikers could do this a whole lot quicker with less breaks. We stopped for an hour at Refuge Cove campground for lunch. There’s some steady incline but nothing too major. We arrived at North Waterloo Bay Beach to find a group of three hikers having a dip in the sea at the beginning of the beach. 

Hiking in Wilsons Prom – Find the best beaches of Australia

We were determined to get to our campground so we decided to plough on. By the time we hit the other end of North Waterloo Beach, I snapped out of my silliness and suggested that we drop everything and go for a dip. It’s like having a beach all to ourselves! And it’s such a beautiful beach! The other three hikers continued to the campsite (another hour of hiking away) and we really did have the beach to ourselves. The water was too rough to go into so we just sat on the edge and let the waves wash onto us. We were afraid we’d be pulled out by the tide. It was also icy cold – perfect for cooling us down on that scorcher of a day. Ethan did not want to leave. We felt refreshed for the last hour of our hike to the campsite. 

Poor Andreas had opted not to take his hiking gear off to join us on the beach. He suffered from some heat exhaustion. He was fine when we finally got to Little Waterloo Bay and rehydrate. A little play in the waves with Ethan there also helped. Unfortunately I was too busy setting up for our dinner and didn’t have time to join them. It’s one of my favourite beaches in Wilson’s Prom.

Little Waterloo Bay Beach campsite is set in the bushes just up from the beach. We had a creek right next to us which was a great water supply. The creek water tap was flowing freely, so I took the opportunity to rinse the boys shirts. Too much sweat was soaked into them by that stage! Fortunately for us, no animals visited us that night and we got some decent sleep. We did have a wallaby visit us in the morning before we set off again.


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