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Sealers Cove Campground in Wilsons Prom


This is an easy three hour walk from Telegraph Saddle. It can be done as a day trip, as most visitors would do, or you can choose to stay overnight like we did! This was the first time that I have actually camped in this spot. It was always an area we would hike past as it was too close to our start or finish point.

Sealers Cove campsite is set amongst the bushes, just up from the beach. My boys had stayed there earlier when they went on a hike together in January. It was lovely to see how confident Ethan was with getting around and climbing the large rocks which sat within the campground. We arrived there with plenty of daylight time left so we were able to go and enjoy the beach. The water was a tad cold but that didn’t stop the boys from having a dip. The best thing was that if you go up the creek from the sea, the water was fresh enough to have a wash in! It’s little luxuries like this which you really appreciate after hiking for hours and sweating profusely! Going to bed feeling fresh is wonderful.

Sealers Cove Campground in Wilsons Prom

Sealers Cove Campground –  wonderful campsite set in the bush close to the beach

We took the backpack with our food into our tent, knowing that it would definitely be attacked by animals if we didn’t. Thinking that the other bags were fine to be left outside (I did have my concerns since there was a sealed musli bar in a side compartment in my back pack), we left a couple of the backpacks outside. That was a bad idea. A large possum came to visit us and decided to chew his way through the side compartment of my backpack to snack on the musli bar! Thank goodness I hadn’t forked out for a flashy new backpack, but instead opted to take a friend’s old one. This possum was relentless, coming at my backpack again and again – even after we flung sandals at it! It wasn’t until we brought the backpack into the tent that the possum gave up and I was able to get some shut eye. 

There was enough creek water to supply the campers. Because we had our water filter, we didn’t have to carry water in with us, only what we could carry in our backpack water bladders. We just had to fill our water bottles up with the creek water and filter it. Unfortunately the water filter does not filter the brown colour fully out of the water, but it’s totally fine to drink. A water filter is definitely a must-have on hiking trips.

Start of the hike to Sealers Cove in Wilsons Prom National Park - Adventures near Melbourne Boardwalk to Sealers Cove lots of lizards in Wilsons Prom

Sealers Cove Camping Tips

  • When you walk from Telegraph Saddle Carpark you have to cross a creek before you enter the campsite – when you want to cross without swimming make sure you check the tides – usually you can cross around 1.5h – 2h before and after low tide. Take off your shoes and walk through the water. (It’s easier to cross at the shallow part closer to the ocean … )
  • Sealers Cove is perfect for a dayhike from Telegraph Saddle Carpark (you usually can get a shuttle bus there and back from Tidal River on weekends or in the high season).
  • It’s one of the most beautiful campgrounds in Wilsons Prom (or Victoria … or Australia … or even worldwide). There are not many spots – So make sure you book early!
  • Get a permit to camp (booked per person – around AU$14 (2018)) – This is a fair price and the maintenance of the campground with its water pipes and toilets and the walks is very costly and lots of effort. As space is very limited on the hike-in campgrounds numbers have to be limited by permits. Play fair!
  • The bay at Sealers Cove is perfect for a day at the beach – maybe stay 2 nights and enjoy it! Walk to the end of the bay – you have the beach for yourself!
  • Take out ALL your rubbish – we want to enjoy this place for many more years to come!
  • Put your backpacks in the tent and don’t leave any food lying around – possums, wallabies and wombats will find the food in your backpack! (see above – even just a sealed muesli bar was enough for the possum to bite through the backpack!)
  • When you want to do a multi-day hike it is advisable to start at Tidal River and end at Sealers Cove – the hike is easier to walk this way.
  • Must do: Enjoy sunset on the rocks at the beach!

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Photos – just snapshots on our iPhone. We carry a big camera next time!