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We love travelling – travel technology

Our wonderful planet has so many beautiful corners to explore. The desert in Namibia, the castles of the Loire Valley in France, the skyline of New York, the Melbourne laneways or the waterfalls of Iguaçu … and this list could be an endless list of travel destinations. There is something for everyone.

We can buy that many “things” but it’s usually the memories of little and big experiences which last. You will have to tell stories – interesting ones, sad ones and beautiful ones. Memories for a lifetime.

Document your travels 

Sometimes it’s great to go out there with nothing at all – just yourself and experience it. Do you really need to document your travels? Isn’t it enough to just feel, see and hear it? In most cases the experience will be even stronger – you are not distracted and can concentrate – just you and your travel experience. Talk to others. Relax and enjoy – this is what makes travel so great.

On the other side it’s nice to have a few memories documented – they last forever in form of photographs, videos or sound recordings. They help you to memorise the big or small trip you are going to take.

Leica - Canon Camera Equipment

What to take on your travels or what type of traveller are you?

The light traveller

It’s a good compromise to document your travels but still travel light. Take a small point and shoot camera or your smartphone (careful – this device might just distract you – don’t play Angry Birds while on the go). These little devices don’t weigh a lot and give you all the options to create beautiful memories. The image quality might be not the best – but the latest technology made big advances so you should not need to worry.

High megapixels and impressive low light capabilities even from the small iPhone camera sensor are impressive. It’s usually the light and composition which will make your photos outstanding. When you understand the basics of photography and light you will create amazing results even with these tiny devices.

Recommended devices: iPhone  5s, 6 or 6s, latest Android or the amazing Lumia (Nokia/ Microsoft phones which have all great cameras.)

A big downside of these devices it the battery hunger. Don’t forget a mobile power pack or battery case such as the Morphie Air case – these little devices extend your battery life or enable you charging on the go – you will need it … Get one!

The professional

You travel to take stunning images. You love the early mornings to get the best light and climb the highest mountain just to get a different perspective. There is nothing less then the latest full frame sensor camera which goes in you bag. We love our Canon 5D Mark III and it usually is in our travel backpack.

Don’t make the mistake to skimp on the lenses. You didn’t spend 3000$ for a camera body just to marry it with a cheap lens. You want the best pictures possible you will need to carry the best lenses. We always see people who opt for a all-in-one zoom lens from 18-300mm to be very flexible. Don’t do it! We rather have the Canon 50mm 1.2II on our camera and walk a bit more to get the right angle or different perspective. Much better quality than zooming in. Everyone has his own favourite lens (or lenses) so chose what you like best. (And if you are not sure opt for the 50mm).

Don’t forget that carrying a good camera is not everything. You might need a bit more – flash, rechargeable batteries, Chargers, tripod, memory cards, filters, laptop to process the photos and so much more. You will carry a lot – think around 4-8kg for your camera equipment. But as said you are travelling to take great photos … Don’t complain.

Light but pro – you go mirrorless

You want to be as close to the picture quality of the full frame SLR but don’t carry the weight. There is a solution for you. The latest mirrorless cameras from Fuji, Sony or Olympus in the micro four thirds standard are outstanding. In our opinion the ideal travel cameras with interchangeable lenses. We don’t own one yet … (It’s hard to justify when you have a great SLR with all these wonderful lenses) as this equipment comes still not cheap.

You will not only want to invest in a camera body but also great lenses. It’s hard to give a recommendation as the technology changes fast and nearly every week there is a new camera model on the market.

Go and try a system in your local camera store – play around and make sure you can get the lenses you want.

The vintage lover

Do you love the good old times?  You might pack a vintage film camera and consider this your travel technology. We sometimes carry an old Leica R4 and some Fuji 400 film. You will be more selective in the pictures you take and wait for the right moment. A great way to find the right compromise between enjoying travel and documenting.

The fun traveller

You might not pack a camera at all. Maybe your iPad or iPhone (+ battery pack) to take some snaps and a mobile wireless music speaker. It’s great to start a little party with the locals or play some relaxing music on the beach. You really just want to enjoy your travels.

Whatever you pack in your travel backpack make sure you slow down a bit and enjoy your experiences.

Happy and safe travels.

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